Whether you’re…

launching something beautiful & unique
entering a new version of yourself & brand
evolving the way you show up online

Krista’s photos help you step into the next version of yourself.

Working with her really is a co-creative experience and that’s what makes it so magical. Photoshoots are inherently vulnerable (who isn’t awkward in front of the camera?!) and having someone like Krista on the other end of the camera making you feel comfortable and relaxed is INVALUABLE. 

Not only is the VIP experience start-to-finish an absolute BLAST, but Krista’s photos are out of this world. I love how my photos feel like they really reflect who I am as a person and my brand as a whole.

—Elizabeth, Writer + Creative

(And guess what? It’s going to be even better than what you’re imagining.)

My job is to help you bring it to life.

This brand is your dream.

That means understanding & helping you clarify your vision, showing you what's possible, eliminating the overwhelm by creating a clear action plan, and most importantly, making you feel supported through it all.

TL;DR — Your job is to tell me what’s inside your imagination. My job is to HELP show you what’s possible.

 (You’re here? You’re amazing. I know it.) 👋🏻

Whoops, have I not introduced myself yet? 

I’m Krista — business coach, brand photographer, and on my way to being your biggest fan.

Listen — just like you, I’m always dreaming into the next level version of my business & my brand.

And I know what a gift it is when you can trust someone else to support you as you're creating your dreams.

And it’s really important, if we work together, that I earn your trust.

Because when you don’t have to worry about…
  • figuring out where to start
  • showing up perfectly
  • extracting the details from your dream & vision

…it frees you up to be your most creative, authentic self. 

she created her dreams

I've helped amazing clients like this build out gorgeous brands . .

The real you.

And that’s the self you deserve to see represented in your photos.

That’s the self your clients & supporters are going to love.

You may have heard me on...

But you know what’s more fun than rising to the challenge alone? Rising to the challenge with other women business-owners. Cheering for them as they win. And winning alongside them.

Dreaming big

And you? You rise to the challenge.

Ways we can work together . . .

As you dream a bigger dream for yourself and your business, here’s what you deserve:

To feel seen, lit up, and beautiful

To know you have support, even especially on the days the self-doubt sneaks in, whether that’s in the form of friendship, community, coaching, or a combination of it all

To look at your brand photos and be reminded — not just of what you’re building— but of who you are