It’s a huge part of the reason I’m a coach and a brand photographer.


For a lot of my life, I didn’t allow myself to speak my opinions. I thought my voice didn’t matter. I made myself smaller.

Now, I know my voice matters. I know (at least most days) that I do deserve to take up space. 

And I want to spend my time and energy making sure you feel like you can take up space, too. I want you to feel confident as your biggest, boldest, brightest, most genuine self, in business and in life. 

And you know why?

(Over here thinking about mac & cheese and cookie dough ice cream now … yum.)

I’ll ask you about everything from your business goals to your favorite hype song to your go-to snacks. Because this experience is about making sure you get to feel comfortable being you.

So if we co-create together…

Tell me your favorite snacks!

"Krista is a dream. This is my 3rd time working with her & she's 100000% my go-to photographer."

"I've had an opportunity to have Krista shoot branding photos for me on 2 separate occasions. Krista has been such an essential resource to me and my business. She's so knowledgeable on brand development and did a lot of intentional planning with me around how to structure the shoot so that it effectively advertised to desired future clients. Also, she's freaking amazing and you'll want to be friends with her afterward."

— Alysa (By Alysa Monet & Co.)

"Krista really goes above and beyond to provide A+++++ service!"

"Specifically with my business photography needs, I came to her without a clear vision of what I was looking for and she has helped me with clarifying my brand aesthetic, styling the sessions, location scouting and so much more. The pictures she has taken have been a game changer for my business. All of her work has been amazing and I could not be more pleased with the final product!" 

— Laurel (Laurel Elaine Jewelry)


"Krista does a stellar job in preparation to make sure she (and you!) understands the goal of the shoot and holds your hand up until the day of the shoot to make sure all the logistics are taken care of. Not only is the experience start-to-finish an absolute BLAST but Krista’s photos are out of this world. She is truly a gifted photographer. My photos really reflect who I am as a person and my brand as a whole. If you’re looking for an expert photographer, a brand genius, and all-around incredible human, Krista is your girl!" 

— Elizabeth Su

"Booking my session with Krista was one of the best decisions I ever made."

"After a session with another photographer fell through, I was still at peace knowing that this was all meant to be and the right photographer FOR ME will come out of this, and boy, did the Universe deliver! She captured the spirit of my brand and gave me photos that I will treasure for years to come." 

— Celeste T.

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Nothing makes me happier than reaching the end of a session and hearing, “That was actually really fun!”

Luckily, I get to hear it a lot. :)

Are you picturing it?

Cause here’s the thing no one tells you: you can.

A few years ago, I pivoted from wedding photography to branding photography. I wanted to help women business-owners feel comfortable stepping into their power. I wanted to spend my work days looking at Pinterest boards and talking to women about their dreams.

That change? It inspired me to keep changing. To keep building the business I want to build. It led me to start coaching other women business-owners. So if you need support in figuring out what or how you can build the kind of business that gets you out of bed in the morning…

I’ve been there. And I would be truly honored to help.

I know this is my About page, but can I ask you something?

What would your business look like if you could build it any way you wanted to?

Let's Talk Biz

We'll get along if...

You also love seeing women succeed

You have a secret dream or ten (my latest secret dream is to become a cellist. I actually bought a cello in 2020!)

Nature & dogs make you a little emotional

You would choose a Harry Potter movie marathon over a crowded party

You’re a positive person, but not in a #goodvibesonly way — more in a, “Life is short and I want to treat every moment as if it really matters, because it does” way

I know I keep talking about how much I love seeing women succeed…

And I DO. But it’s important that I make this clear: I also love seeing queer, trans, and nonbinary people succeed. If you’re queer, please know that you’re welcome in this space, that I’m absolutely rooting for you, too, and that I would love to support you in any way I can.

I know there’s only so much you can get to know by reading about me. So if you want to hear my real voice and message, my podcast is a great place to start.

You get to decide what kind of business serves your community, yourself, and your life. But if you need some help figuring out what that business looks like? Pop this podcast onto your next road trip playlist:


You Call Your Shots

There’s only one rule around here:

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 I get to coach & empower women from ALL OVER the world to create the business and life of their dreams!


Learned the Enneagram to further help coach my clients


Launched my podcast - She Calls Her Shots


Left my job in tech to pursue growing my business full-time


Met & started dating my (future) husband 


Relocated my life & business from Florida to California


Graduated with a degree in HR Management & a minor in American Sign Language


Bought my Canon  Camera & Launched my Photography Business

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& business journey


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