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AMPLIFY is founded on the principles of: growing a business that fits around your life, simplifying your business strategy, and reframing how you approach marketing. We believe in sustainable growth and help support you as you work towards the long-term visions that you have for your life and business.

When you join, you get immediate (lifetime) access into my on-going group coaching program (with bi-weekly coaching from me) & access into our community so you can connect & grow alongside other like-minded business owners.

It's time to AMPLIFY your gifts & business

It's time to AMPLIFY your gifts
& your business

Ready to experience long-term growth?


This isn't your average group coaching program


How would your business grow, expand and evolve if you had a coach supporting you alongside every stage of your journey?

REAL TALK: When I was looking for a coaching program to join, I was disappointed with the lack of support and offers I was seeing inside the coaching industry.

The result? I set out to design my own group coaching program that's unlike the rest of them. A program purposely designed to support business owners along EVERY stage of their journey. A program that isn't limited to a short amount of time together. A program that allows time & space to help you experience real, long-term change. A program that eliminates the "pressure" of needing to set unrealistic goals. A program that could grow and evolve ALONGSIDE you.

Your next breakthrough begins here, friend...

to make larger, greater, or stronger; to expand


"Working with Krista has really changed how I see a lot of things. She gives practical steps to take in moving my business forward and also exercises to help with my mindset. She also helps keep me accountable with the things I need & want to do, encourages me to dream big & focus on big picture stuff, celebrates my wins with me & helps me think about the challenging moments in a more healthy way."

— Sarah

"Krista's coaching has transformed my business!"

Here's what I know: your business & the opportunities that are presented to you drastically expand when you invest in a coach and participate in communities with other like-minded business owners.

If you're anything like me, you're not a huge fan of typical group coaching programs. The pressure of only getting support for a few months turns up the intensity of your goals and doesn't honor the ever-evolving seasons that you experience as a business owner.

You're invested in your business for the long-run. Your coach should be too.

I created this pROGRAM because it was exactly what I NEEDED when I was FIRST searching for SUPPORT OF MY OWN.

here's the honest truth...

Create a business plan that is structured around your strengths, values and individual goals

Imagine you had the support you needed to...

Fill your calendar with dream clients & not live in constant worry about where your next client is coming from



Design a work schedule that fits around your life & personal priorities (and not the other way around)


Implement a content creation and sharing strategy that you can consistently create from with ease


Prioritize your mindset, grow your confidence and allow for more abundance and opportunities in your life



  • Lifetime access to the AMPLIFY Business Course (COMING SOON)
  • Access to discounted 1:1 coaching sessions with Krista
  • Access to all previous coaching call replays
  • Lifetime access to the private group coaching community
  • Quarterly group goal setting calls
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls over Zoom

How Amplify Works




5 Monthly


8 Monthly

Whichever payment plan you choose, you will get immediate, on-going access into the group coaching program.

Once the full payment has been received, you'll no longer be charged for future access!


Ready to get started?

"Krista helped me gain more self belief as a business owner. Throughout our time working together, she has always given straight-forward, “no fluff” coaching and it has helped me break through and find more clarity towards my goals."


gained more confidence:


"Krista helped me start paying myself more as a business owner and provided the tools I needed to make a bigger impact in my business"


Earned more personal income:


real results


I'm Krista - Your "no fluff" business coach & hype woman

hey friend!

I'm on a mission to help women and creative business owners ditch the feelings of overwhelm and reframe the way they approach their business.

Here's what I know -- your gifts are yours on purpose -- and they are meant to change the lives of those around you! 
I also know that building a business can sometimes feel very overwhelming and frustrating...

But it doesn't have to feel that way!

After 12+ years growing my own business, I now help women and creative business owners breakthrough to their next goal by gaining clarity, creating unshakeable confidence in themselves, and creating a business plan that is in alignment with their values (and that feels good to implement!) 

This program is one-of-a-kind because...

It's structured around long-term support

Think of AMPLIFY as your home base. Your lifetime mastermind community & your access to bi-weekly group coaching. I know exactly how it feels to experience the ebbs and flows of growing a business. Some months we feel unstoppable - motivated to push past our fears and ready to change the WORLD! Other months, we feel overwhelmed - pulled in a million directions - a little lost and confused around what our next step should be.

Inside of AMPLIFY, I'm here to help you through all of the seasons. As much as I'd love to try and promise that success is an easy, upward slope - we all know better. But truthfully, if growing a business WAS easy, we'd be robbing ourselves of the pride, self-love and joy that comes from overcoming the hard and the challenges. 

All of you (in all of your seasons) are welcome here. 

Designed with sustainable growth in mind

If I had to bet, I'd say that your intentions behind building your business is not to simply experience quick wins and then throw in the towel once you've "grown enough". We're building this business because we want to create a lifestyle that we love, and that serves us.

A few of the most challenging hurdles we have to overcome as business owners are:
- Overcoming our mental blocks (limiting beliefs and lack of self-confidence)
- Finding support (to help us keep moving through when things get challenging)
- Setting clear, attainable goals (and setting reasonable expectations accordingly)
- Getting comfortable with our money (pricing our offers and creating profit)

Understanding how to manage these are absolutely crucial to creating a sustainable business strategy. And because these often feel so challenging (and keep us feeling stuck) these are examples of some of the topics we speak about specifically inside of AMPLIFY!

Lifetime Access

Community & Accountability

Group Coaching & Support

Structured Around Your Values

This is for you if you are...

Ready to take full responsibility and ownership of your life & business

Excited to show up for themselves and others inside an inclusive, online community

Excited to ditch the "hustle culture" norm and expand your business in a way that feels authentic to you

Driven and ready to take inspired action towards your goals

Looking for support, community and accountability from other like-minded business owners

Committed to growing your vision and ready to do the inner work to get there

Willing to pushing past your comfort zones & expand to new levels 

A small business owner, content creator, podcaster, online course creator, coach, and/or creative service provider.

All the clarity and support you need to THRIVE

A deeply rooted belief system that helps you stay intentional with your time and energy

A "no-fluff" strategy that eliminates overwhelm and reduces burnout

A growth plan that aligns with your strengths and individual goals

A strong business foundation that paints the bigger picture of your vision

The core pillars of the program help you to create..

In order to create lasting success, your business needs to work on *your* terms




5 Monthly


8 Monthly

Whichever payment plan you choose, you will get immediate, on-going access into the group coaching program.

Once the full payment has been received, you'll no longer be charged for future access!


Ready to get started?


I'm happy to help! Please feel free to email me directly at or click the button below to schedule a (free) clarity call with me!

I have another question, how can I get support?

Yes! The bi-weekly group coaching calls are recorded (and uploaded into your student portal) so you can access any/all of the replays at a later time. 

what if i can't show up live to the calls? are there replays available?

You do not need to participate in the coaching calls! While I do believe that you'll get the most value by joining the calls and asking questions - you are welcome to participate in the level that feels most comfortable to you.

am i required to participate in the coaching calls?

In order to make the program as accessible as possible, we offer payment plans options. You can also choose to make the full payment upon joining! Once we have received full payment, you will no longer be charged. 

you mentioned one payment, how come there are three listed above?

Once full payment has been made, you will have access to the content inside of AMPLIFY for as long as the group continues to run (I currently have no plans to take it down!)

will i ever lose access to the content inside of amplify?

YES! Absolutely. One of the core values inside AMPLIFY is honoring the season of business that you are in right now. Because of that, it's open for enrollment year-round!

Can i join amplify at any time?


Schedule a call with me & let's see if Amplify is the best fit for you at this stage of your business!

Still on the fence?

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