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Learn More About Enneagram Type 1’s

December 5, 2023

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The Reformer

People with this Enneagram type are driven by a strong internal moral compass. They have a heightened sense of right and wrong and are constantly looking to improve the world around them.

Enneagram type one’s feel obligated to do the right thing – no matter the cost of doing it the “right way”. They care about justice and see to it that they (and those around them) make a positive impact on the world.

Because of their high morals, they very easily and naturally take projects from good to great. They often do not consider themselves to be emotional people. Because of this disconnection from their feelings, they often miss out on doing things they enjoy because of their strong desire to be productive.

Key Characteristics of Enneagram Type Ones:

  • Perfectionism: Enneagram Ones have very high standards and a strong desire to do things correctly and perfectly
  • Idealism: They often seek the most ideal version of something and are driven by a strong vision of how things could be better
  • Self-Control & Discipline: They are highly organized and responsible, and often miss out on the joy & spontaneity of life in an effort to stay productive

Type One Core Fear:

Being bad, corrupt, evil or wrong. They are afraid of making mistakes and worry about the consequences of not living up to their highest potential.

Type One Core Desire:

Being good, virtuous, having integrity and doing the right thing. They are striving for perfectionism and want to make a positive impact on the world around them. They are also justice seeking.

Core Differentiator for Type Ones (What Makes Them Unique) :

They have a strong Inner Critic (a voice inside of them that tells them they are bad/wrong). This inner critic voice is often loud & constantly evaluating their actions, thoughts and behaviors. This voice is sometimes harsh and is almost always judgmental.

Common Thoughts of Enneagram Type Ones:

  • It’s not safe for me to make mistakes
  • No one works as hard as I do
  • My discipline & work ethic are my biggest strengths
  • Rules exist for a reason and should be followed

Growth Path for Enneagram Ones:

Learning that you HAVE an Inner Critic — but that you are NOT your Inner Critic. Personal growth means learning to accept imperfection, both in themselves and in the world around them. Something that’s imperfect is something REAL. Perfection is a thought that can’t be achieved.



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