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She Calls Her Shots Podcast

Ep. 19: Self-Love vs. Self-Care with Life Coach, Dara Poznar

March 23, 2021

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GIRL, today’s episode is so good! I’m co-hosting with my very own life coach, Dara Poznar, and we are diving deep into the differences between self-love & self-care and why they are both so important! As a life coach, Dara’s mission is to help her clients cultivate self-love by helping them connect with themselves and become free from the false beliefs and fears that hold them back in both life and love. She’s also so incredibly kind, intuitive, and welcoming. Join us in the conversation and share your favorite takeaways!

Episode outline:
  • Intro
  • Learn about Dara’s journey & how she became a life coach (3:15)
  • What’s the main difference between self-love vs. self-care (7:15)
  • The importance of taking the time for self-love everyday (10:20)
  • The view that we have of ourselves is just a small glimmer into who we really are (12:15)
  • Are we really taking the time to get to know who we are deep down (14:20)
  • We often embody different dimensions inside of our body (16:20)
  • Tips for anyone that is just getting started to know themselves and practice self-love (19:00)
  • Using triggers to get to know ourselves better (22:00)
  • Diving deeper into the difference between self-love vs. self-care (24:30)
  • Working through feeling ambitious while also feeling like we need external validation from others (26:30)
  • There is no one “right way” of practicing self-love and self-care (30:30)
  • Final insights around self-care & living in our energy of love (37:00)

I am SO excited for you to listen in and I’d love to hear your takeaways from this episode!

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Read/Learn more on Dara’s Website and check out her recent blog post on connecting with yourself and owning your life.

I am so dang proud of you for all of the hard work that you’re doing. I can’t wait to see where these steps are going to lead you! Click here to listen to the podcast and let’s dive even deeper on this topic!

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