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Learn More About Enneagram Type 6’s

December 27, 2023

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The Loyalist

Enneagram Type Sixes have a strong need to be loyal, responsible, and prepared for potential risks. The Type Six has something similar to the Inner Critic of Type Ones — in that, Type Sixes have an Inner Committee of voices, providing a strong push-pull of often contrasting ideas. The presence of this Inner Committee creates a lot of inner instability and a lack of self-assurance.

Because of the Inner Committee, Sixes often spend a lot of time second guessing themselves and ruminating on past decisions, conversations and situations that left them feeling unsettled in some way. This lack of self-trust often keeps their minds in overdrive, creating some anxiety and worry.

Enneagram Sixes also often spend a great deal of time trying to plan for the worst-case-scenario in order to ease their inner anxiety. This can sometimes present itself in relationships as they can unconsciously cast their unwanted thoughts and feelings onto others as if its their own. For example, if the Six is feeling bored in a relationship, they assume the other person must feel the same — which can lead to the Six ending the relationship before the other person has the ability to hurt them.

Key Characteristics of Enneagram Type Sixes:

  • Loyalty: Enneagram Sixes are known for their loyalty to individuals, groups and causes that they trust. They place a great amount of value in relationships and often seek security within them. Because of their strong sense of loyalty, it’s imperative that they feel safe in their relationships. If trust is broken with a Six, it’s very difficult (if not impossible) to regain that trust.
  • Need for Guidance: Sixes can sometimes seek authority figures or systems/beliefs that can provide them with reassurance and guidance. Since the Six often struggles with self-doubt, these external sources of certainty help to ease their inner anxiety.
  • Anxiety and Worry: Sixes hypervigilance and active minds often lead them to thinking about/anticipating potential problems and worst-case-scenarios. They can lead them to leading a cautious and vigilant approach to life.

Type Six Core Fear:

Fear itself, being on their own without support or guidance. They sometimes worry about potential threats, uncertainties, and a potential lack of a reliable source of support or resource.

Type Six Core Desire:

To feel safe and secure, and to be supported, stable and grounded. They often seek reassurance and guidance to navigate the uncertainties of life.

Core Differentiator for Type Sixes (What Makes Them Unique) :

Sixes have an active Inner Committee of voices that often tell them conflicting information. If you’ve seen the Disney movie Inside Out, you can think of it in a similar way. Except, for the Six, the voices create more worry, anxiety and fear than most others are used to.

Common Thoughts of Enneagram Type Six:

  • I often second guess myself and feel stuck, which leads me to not taking action on my projects and tasks
  • I sometimes feel anxious when I have to make decisions (especially if it’s a big/important decision) – I’m worried I’ll make the wrong choice
  • I’m great at trouble-shooting and my tendency to think about worst case scenarios means I often play “devils advocate” in conversations
  • My thoughts often spiral/go down rabbit holes when a situation feels out of my control
  • In relationships, I often feel worried/anxious if I perceive the other person is disconnected from me. I get a big boost of confidence when those closest to me encourage and support me.

Growth Path for Enneagram Sixes:

Growth for Enneagram Sixes often involves creating strong internal trust and confidence, overcoming their anxieties and learning to better trust their own judgment. Enneagram Sixes receive great benefits when they can cultivate a strong inner sense of security and independence. It’s also greatly beneficial when a Six can get comfortable with the fact that they’ll almost never feel 100% certain about anything — and instead of planning for the worst-case-scenario, recalling times in the past when they made good decisions (without 100% certainty) and it turned out okay. True self-love and self-trust leads them to ultimate freedom.



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