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Brand Photography

Build Your Brand with a Top-Tier Bay Area Headshot Photographer!

January 31, 2024

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Your headshot is typically the first thing your client sees when they check out your site. Since it’s your first impression, you must make it count. Everything from the emotions you convey to the location of this picture will form your potential client’s opinion. And when it comes to what you wear, you can guarantee this will make the most significant impact. That’s why you need a top-tier Bay Area headshot photographer to guide your way; that’s where I come in!

woman in a black sweater smiling at the camera with bright red lipstick in front of a white wall

How Do I Take A Good Headshot?

First off, let’s chat about what makes a good headshot. Your picture should feel authentic. You need to build your brand on your personality, and you want to let it shine! Your picture should be the perfect representation of yourself. The location should be a spot where you feel relaxed. The poses should make you feel confident. Your headshot should allow you to show your clients what makes you vibrant. Your clothing should do the same thing without stealing the show. Here are some things to consider when choosing what to wear for your headshot session:

Key Things To Consider When Dressing For Your Session With Your Bay Area Headshot Photographer

Do you feel comfortable? These pictures should feel genuine. If you don’t feel 100% confident in the outfits you’ve selected, that will show. Everyone has that one outfit they positively love. The one they pull out of the closet when they need a little self-esteem boost. That’s the feeling your headshot outfit should give you.

Is it too distracting? Bright and fun pieces have their place with headshots, but you must know how to incorporate them. It should match your brand if you plan on wearing a loud color. You want your website to feel cohesive. If you’re worried the colors won’t blend, stick with neutrals. Black separates are also a classic look that won’t be too busy. And when it comes to jewelry, keep it simple. We’re not trying to recreate the J. Crew statement necklace phase of 2015.

woman pouring and holding a tea mug in a kitchen and smiling

Can you work in it? These pictures are supposed to represent you professionally, which can lead to some fun but unconventional outfits. Does your brand revolve around your creativity? Be fun and bold! Are you the type of person who means business? Treat yourself to a new power suit. Are you a fitness expert? Yoga pants and a good tank are an excellent choice for your session. Consult your Bay Area headshot photographer for more ideas and brainstorming sessions.

Is it versatile? Often, people will have multiple pictures they cycle through their social media. If you plan to do this, feel free to bring multiple outfits! You can wear shorts and sundresses in the same session and jeans and sweaters for year-round options.

Check out this blog post for even more outfit tips: >> Choosing the Best Branding Session Outfits <<

women smiling and laughing at the camera inside a home with white walls

Working With A Bay Area Headshot Photographer

Your session should leave you feeling completely confident and capable, and the right Bay Area headshot photographer will make sure this happens. When I meet with my headshot clients, we always include a Zoom planning session where we spend time going over their brand and vision for the photos. Select a photographer who will work alongside you to let you stand out.

If you’re still looking for a Bay Area headshot photographer, I would love to connect so you can decide if I’m the one for you. Contact me today so we can get the conversation started!

women smiling at the camera in white outfits

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