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Ep. 086: Your permission to take up space & live your purpose

November 8, 2022

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"Listening to Krista invite us all in to join her in growing together, dreaming bigger together, and face our fears and breaking through together has me doing a major happy dance over here. This is just the kind of enthusiasm, encouragement, and real talk about real challenges and hopeful inspiration I think anyone who wants to create a meaningful and exciting life and career needs. Thank you for creating this! ❤️" - Dara P.


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This episode is really important, y’all. Sometimes we need a reminder to take up space and live out our purpose – both in our life and in our business.

How often have you found yourself not living your fullest potential because you’re too afraid of what other people might say or think? If you’re anything like me, it’s happened more times than you’d like to admit.

Maybe you’re experiencing this season right now, where you find yourself not playing big and not showing up fully for the things that mean the most to you because you feel distracted by the daily tasks and chasing after the vanity metrics (does that resonate)? Or maybe you’re not chasing after the bigger dreams because you’re too afraid of failure or what other people might think of you. .

In this episode we’re getting vulnerable and honest about why what we do MATTERS and that it’s so so important for us to show up for ourselves and our bigger dreams. I can’t wait for you to listen in and i’d love to hear your takeaways and aha moments from it

💛 Remember, we’re all in this TOGETHER!

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Mindset Strategies

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs & understanding how they’re holding us back from earning more money
  • Overcoming our perfectionism & people pleasing tendencies
  • Identifying your values and creating alignment with your goals
  • Powerful thinking & visualization strategies to put you in the mindset of a profitable business owner

Financial Strategies

  • Defining your money story & getting clear on any money blocks
  • Understanding your numbers (what you need to go full-time/take your business to the next level)
  • The profit first method and how to start implementing it in your business
  • Successful money habits

Business Strategies

  • Ditching the busy work
  • Powerful content creation
  • Marketing & selling strategies
  • Creating an irresistible brand
  • Streamlining your systems

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