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Ep. 21: All About the Enneagram with Stephanie Smith (My Enneagram Life)

April 6, 2021

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"Listening to Krista invite us all in to join her in growing together, dreaming bigger together, and face our fears and breaking through together has me doing a major happy dance over here. This is just the kind of enthusiasm, encouragement, and real talk about real challenges and hopeful inspiration I think anyone who wants to create a meaningful and exciting life and career needs. Thank you for creating this! ❤️" - Dara P.


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GIRL, today’s episode is so good! I’m co-hosting with Stephanie Smith from “My Enneagram Life” and we are diving deep into:

  • What the Enneagram is
  • How you can use it to really kickstart your personal growth journey
  • And how knowing your enneagram type will help you create a stronger and more successful business. 
I’m so excited for you to dive deeper into the Enneagram! It truly is such a powerful tool for every woman entrepreneur — well really, it’s a powerful tool for ANYONE to have in their toolbox!

Take your free Enneagram test here!

What’s your Enneagram type?! Send me a message on instagram and share!

P.S. If you’re looking for an inviting community of women to help support you, encourage you, and cheer you on as you make big moves in your business – AND if you’re looking for a place to LEARN and GROW and CHALLENGE yourself to do big things — check out the She Calls Her Shots members collective!

*~*~*~* Want to Learn MORE from Stephanie?! *~*~*~*

I am so dang proud of you for all of the hard work that you’re doing. I can’t wait to see where these steps are going to lead you! Click here to listen to the podcast and let’s dive even deeper on this topic!

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