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Brand Photography

Jewelry Designer Branding Photos for Laurel Elaine

June 19, 2024

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Personal Brand Photos for Laurel Elaine Jewelry

I’ve had the privilige of doing more than 8 different photoshoots with Laurel Elaine Jewelry. And today, I want to feature photos from her very own personal branding sessions! I love the images that we captured to showcase handmade jewelry designer branding photos for Laurel Elaine jewelry.

Laurel creates handmade, minimal and dainty gold filled jewelry and sells them globally from her studio (located in the Bay Area, California).

For this brand photoshoot, we wanted to showcase her process and how she creates her handmade jewelry. She puts so much care into her products and I loved getting to document the process to share with her customers and audience.

Capturing her handmade jewelry process and personal brand photos:

Laurel creates all of her jewelry in limited quantities and ships them from her small California-based studio. She is completely self-taught and specializes in soldering gold filled jewelry, with an eye toward dainty and minimal designs. Her eye for details is absolutely impeccable and her customers absolutely RAVE about the quality of her handmade jewelry.

It was important that we shared photos from the behind-the-scenes of her business so that her future customers can connect more deeply to her process. There is so much that goes into the creation process of her jewelry designs — so the more that we can share about the process, the stronger her brand and business becomes!

We wanted to showcase the care and love that she pours into each of her handmade jewelry designs

For this half-day photoshoot, we opted to showcase her studio as the background for the photos. Since this is where she creates all of her jewelry, we knew that it would help build her brand presence online. It’s so important that your brand photos feel authentic to YOU — and choosing a location that means something to you is an easy way to do just that!

The process behind creating handmade jewelry is more technical than you might think

I was suprised by just how much time, energy and care goes into creating each unique design. Each ring and bangle goes through a multi-step production process that includes forming, soldering, shaping and polishing. I loved getting to watch as Laurel created new pieces during our photoshoot. Since each item is completely handmade, you might see some slight variation between pieces. It’s so fun knowing that your item was made just for YOU!

Laurel was able to walk away with lots of beautiful photos from her personal brand photoshoot. She was able to not only update her website and store to feel more on-brand, but she also uses her photos to share professional looking photos on her IG page! She has done such an incredible job of using her photos to strengthen her brand message and positioning.

View more from Laurel’s Jewelry Designer Branding Photos below:

REMEMBER: Your brand photoshoot should reflect your own unique vision and personality

At the end of the day, you are choosing to invest in yourself and your growing business — and that is a REALLY BIG DEAL! Keep it fun and stay focused on allowing yourself to feel like your most confident and vibrant self. You are magical in every way and your photos will help show your future clients just how amazing you are!

woman smiling at camera in front of a white wall

Book Your Own Brand Photoshoot Experience:

If you’re looking to capture beautiful brand photos that will elevate your business, I’m your girl! As a bay area brand photographer, I travel all over for brand photoshoots (and will even travel all throughout California & abroad!) I work with heart-centered business owners and service providers to capture their unique brand — and I focus on capturing photos that showcase your brand story.

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