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Brand Photography

Colorful Palm Springs Brand Photoshoot

June 10, 2024

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Colorful Palm Springs Brand Photoshoot for Author & Writer, Elizabeth Su

Elizabeth Su is an author and writer and is on a mission to destigmatize mental health. She has dedicated her career to empowering women, teaching about emotional and spiritual wellness and changing the rules of the game for women searching for success and happiness 💅🏻

Her work has been featured in, among others, @latimes@ps.feelgood, & @bustle and centers around topics such as self-love, intersectionality, and the multifaceted nature of being human.

For this colorful Palm Springs brand photoshoot, we wanted to showcase her vibrant, playful, multifaceted personality. We chose the incredible Palm Springs as the backdrop because of its bright pops of color and dramatic desert landscapes.

Why we chose Palm Springs for Elizabeth’s colorful brand photoshoot:

During the time of this photoshoot, Elizabeth was living nomadically and travelling all around the United States. She was going to be visiting Palm Springs for a weekend, and we decided it would be the perfect backdrop for her session. During the session we visited a few various locations, including: The Saguaro Palm Springs Hotel, Indian Canyons and Palm Canyon, Moorten Botanical Garden, Canyon Estates, Tutti Frutti (for Boba), and we ended at the Ace Hotel for the sleepover photo portion of the session.

We wanted to reflect fun, vibrant, playful vibes — so we created this road-trip inspired palm springs brand photoshoot

Because Elizabeth had booked a full-day photoshoot, we were able to visit all of the different locations, have multiple wardrobe changes, as well as take a break for lunch to refuel. It’s so important to create an efficient photoshoot schedule so that you don’t feel rushed — which is exactly why I always create a photoshoot action plan for my clients sessions. It has built in wiggle room so that you can enjoy the day without feeling rushed.

We showcased the dynamics behind Elizabeth’s brand with lots of varieties of locations and poses

One of the things that we optimized for during Elizabeth’s brand photoshoot were the locations. As you can see from the variety of locations we used, the location really dictate the vibe of your photos. She had a few outfits that she wanted to change into, but it was really important that we captured the different locations and places within Palm Springs.

The overall vibe that Elizabeth wanted to capture for her session was: A roadtrip with your bestie. This is why we chose the outfits and locations that we did! We nailed the fun, colorful vibes at the Saguaro Hotel — while also capturing some more “professional” ones with different pops of color. At Palm Canyons and the Botanical Garden we captured different emotions and poses to help her audience see the more playful side of her. Boba at Tutti Frutti helped us capture the “behind-the-scenes” part of her work, with a pop of fun. And the Ace Hotel provided the perfect scene for the sleepover vibes that she wanted to share with her community.

Elizabeth was able to walk away with a TON of content from this one brand photoshoot. She was able to not only update her website to feel more on-brand, but she also uses her photos to share professional looking photos on her IG page! She has done such an incredible job of using her photos to strengthen her brand message and positioning.

View more photos from Elizabeth’s colorful Palm Springs brand session below:

REMEMBER: Your brand photoshoot should reflect your own unique vision and personality

At the end of the day, you are choosing to invest in yourself and your growing business — and that is a REALLY BIG DEAL! Keep it fun and stay focused on allowing yourself to feel like your most confident and vibrant self. You are magical in every way and your photos will help show your future clients just how amazing you are!

woman smiling at camera in front of a white wall

Book Your Own Brand Photoshoot Experience:

If you’re looking to capture beautiful brand photos that will elevate your business, I’m your girl! As a bay area brand photographer, I travel all over for brand photoshoots (and will even travel all throughout California & abroad!) I work with heart-centered business owners and service providers to capture their unique brand — and I focus on capturing photos that showcase your brand story.

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