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Learn More About Enneagram Type 8’s

January 3, 2024

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The Challenger

Enneagram Type Eights are often seen as the most direct and “aggressive” type. They have a strong desire for control and independence. Externally, Eights are seen (and want to be seen) as assertive, strong protectors / advocates for people, groups and causes they are passionate about. Sometimes this tough outer shell can be perceived as being cold or heartless. When in reality, on the inside, they are deeply tender and caring people.

However, Eights often believe that showing vulnerability is a sign of weakness, so they often deny any feelings of softness or vulnerability. When it comes to organizations and people they care about, however, they fight hard to guard and defend them.

Eights often have strong intuitive feelings about doing what is “right”, and can become highly demanding and assertive if they receive pushback from others. Because Eights have the greatest energy of all types, they very much dislike being held back by other types with less energy.

Key Characteristics of Enneagram Type Eights:

  • Assertive and Decisive: Enneagram Eights are often assertive, self-confident, and decisive. They enjoy taking charge of situations and are very comfortable in leadership roles. Because of their decisive qualities, they dislike when people are indecisive, can’t make up their minds, or waiver back and forth with their beliefs.
  • Protective: Eights, while they can be seen as assertive and aggressive, also have a strong protective and nurturing side, especially when it comes to people, causes and organizations that they care about. They often take on the role of a guardian or advocate for them, and fight to make sure that these people, causes and organizations are taken care of.
  • Direct Communicators: Enneagram Type Eights value directness and honesty when it comes to communication. They appreciate it when others are straightforward and don’t beat around the bush with their thoughts and ideas. Because of this, Eights are often unafraid of confrontation and are willing to tackle difficult issues head-on.

Type Eight Core Fear:

Being controlled, manipulated and/or seen as weak. They are most concerned with not showing any signs of vulnerability (since vulnerability is a weakness to them).

Type Eight Core Desire:

To be in control, strong and powerful in order to protect themselves (and those closest to them). Eights are highly concerned with never being under the control of others, and thus, maintaining control over their lives and destiny. They seek autonomy in all situations.

Core Differentiator for Type Eights (What Makes Them Unique) :

Eights are the greatest energy of any type – GO BIG or GO BIGGER. They often believe they are “bigger than” the menial tasks needed to execute on their projects and would rather spend their time on the more important, more enticing tasks. They are constantly chasing after more — more influence, more intensity, more power, etc.

Common Thoughts of Enneagram Type Eight:

  • Life is a battle for survival of the fittest – this is why I must be independent and strong on my own
  • People often tell me I’m confrontational and harsh, but I often find that others are too sensitive and emotional
  • I push myself hard and I’m always working towards the next level. I thrive on feeling passionate and powerful
  • I’d rather not be bothered with the menial tasks and details, my energy is better focused on the bigger picture and more impactful work
  • I don’t let anyone see my vulnerable side, except for a very few select people who are closest to me. To everyone else, I must only be seen as being in control.

Growth Path for Enneagram Eights:

Growth for Enneagram Eights involves softening their approach, recognizing that some level of vulnerability is actually a strength, and understanding that not everyone needs to be challenged/confronted. It’s also important for Enneagram Eights to trust and delegate so more things can get done. It can be highly beneficial for Eights to recognize that not everyone is going to move as quickly or as intensely as they do — it isn’t wrong or bad — it’s just different. If they truly want to learn to lead, they must first learn to care for others by letting the, go at their own pace, not forcing them forward with their own agenda.



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