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Learn More About Enneagram Type 9’s

January 5, 2024

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The Peacemaker

Enneagram Type Nines are sometimes seen as the lowest energy of all types, typically due in part to their tendency to zone out & disengage from others in times of stress (also known as a Nine entering “sloth mode”). Nines often “fall asleep” to themselves and can be out of touch with their own opinions and beliefs, especially since they have such a strong peacemaker, “go with the flow” type of energy. Nines do not like rocking the boat and try to avoid confrontation at all costs.

Nines have a unique ability to retreat inside to something called an “inner sanctum” when things feel chaotic (whether externally or internally). Since Nines are constantly seeking feelings of peace, it’s easy for them to “numb” or veg out when they feel unsettled. This unsettling feeling can be feelings of overwhelm, fear, anxiety, etc.

On the outside, Nines portray an incredibly peaceful, calm, accommodating and non-judgmental energy. This can sometimes lead to them being unsure of their beliefs and having very “soft” opinions on things. However, because of this, they also have an innate sense and ability to see all sides of an argument/problem.

Key Characteristics of Enneagram Type Nines:

  • Easygoing and Agreeable: Enneagram Nines are generally extremely easygoing, agreeable, and accepting of others. They have a natural and innate ability to see multiple perspectives and hold multiple “truths” at the same time. Sometimes this agreeable nature means that Nines often hold back from sharing their opinions and beliefs, in fear that it might upset others.
  • Desire For Unity: Nines hold a deep desire for unity and harmony in their relationships and environments. They often avoid any kind of disagreement/confrontation and will hold back on sharing their thoughts if they believe it will lead to a disagreement. They also care a lot about creating spaces and conversations where everyone can feel seen and heard.
  • Inattentiveness to Personal Needs: Enneagram Type Nines sometimes neglect their own needs and desires, leading them to feel disconnected from their sense of self. This disconnection usually furthers their desire to “zone out” and retreat from the outside world.

Type Nine Core Fear:

Conflict – being overlooked, dismissed, separated and unaccepted. Nines will go out of their way to avoid any type of confrontation.

Type Nine Core Desire:

To have inner peace, stability and serenity. Nines seek harmony and have a strong desire to maintain a sense of tranquility in their lives (both their external lives and their internal lives).

Core Differentiator for Type Nines (What Makes Them Unique) :

Nines Inner Sanctum is what makes them unique. They retreat inwardly to it when they are in times of stress or discomfort, and when they want to avoid the “chaos” in their lives. When they retreat to the Inner Sanctum, they tend to “tune out” everything and everyone else around them. This tendency to “avoid” the chaos and potential issues only makes problems bigger/worse and leads to more tension and discomfort later.

Common Thoughts of Enneagram Type Nine:

  • A lot of times, people think I’m agreeing with them but really, I’m just choosing not to share my different opinion because I’d rather avoid any confrontation
  • I don’t seem to have as much energy as others. I can easily feel overwhelmed and drained with life’s obligations, others’ needs, and my own problems
  • I sometimes feel more disconnected from others than they’d like me to be – but it’s exhausting constantly feeling connected with others all the time. I need a break to quiet the world around me.
  • I sometimes struggle to take action towards my bigger goals & it’s sometimes difficult for me to define what I really want out of life – what I really want is to just feel at peace all the time
  • It’s easier for me to have energy and care about helping other people share their voices and opinions than having energy to share my own opinions. I care more that others feel seen & heard than I care about sharing my own opinions.

Growth Path for Enneagram Nines:

Growth for Enneagram Nines typically involves becoming more assertive, addressing conflict more directly, and recognizing and expressing their own desires and needs to others. A key aspect for growth for a Nine is also learning to be fully present and engaged in their lives (and actively choosing not to “veg out” or numb out when they feel signs of stress). It’s also highly important for Nines to understand the difference between peace-keeping (merging of self and self-forgetting) and peace-making (seeing to justice and taking right action). A great first step for a Nine is to simply start becoming aware of the difference between relaxing and numbing out.



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