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Ep. 066: Is perfectionism secretly holding you back??

July 19, 2022

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"Listening to Krista invite us all in to join her in growing together, dreaming bigger together, and face our fears and breaking through together has me doing a major happy dance over here. This is just the kind of enthusiasm, encouragement, and real talk about real challenges and hopeful inspiration I think anyone who wants to create a meaningful and exciting life and career needs. Thank you for creating this! ❤️" - Dara P.


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Have you been putting off your really big goals and projects?! If so there’s a sneaky chance that perfectionism could be part of the reason why. In today’s episode we’re talking through all of the different ways that perfectionism can sneak into your goals and unconsciously hold you back from taking action. Some of the things we’re chatting through are:

  • How sometimes the things we’re MOST excited about implementing are the things we put off the longest (let’s talk through why we do this!)
  • We fall into the idea that in the future we’ll have “more time” to work on our big projects and ideas
  • Sometimes the reason why we aren’t taking action is because we aren’t 100% clear on the exact steps on how to move forward

If you’re in a season where you have big projects and goals  that you’re working on OR if you feel like you’ve been putting off some big projects, I’m excited to dive into this conversation with you today!

If you have a business owner friend that would benefit from today’s episode, I’d love for you to take a screenshot of this episode and send it to them in a DM or text message — let’s help each other remember to take action and make big moves in our business!

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Inside the workshop we’ll be covering:

Mindset Strategies

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs & understanding how they’re holding us back from earning more money
  • Overcoming our perfectionism & people pleasing tendencies
  • Identifying your values and creating alignment with your goals
  • Powerful thinking & visualization strategies to put you in the mindset of a profitable business owner

Financial Strategies

  • Defining your money story & getting clear on any money blocks
  • Understanding your numbers (what you need to go full-time/take your business to the next level)
  • The profit first method and how to start implementing it in your business
  • Successful money habits

Business Strategies

  • Ditching the busy work
  • Powerful content creation
  • Marketing & selling strategies
  • Creating an irresistible brand
  • Streamlining your systems

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