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She Calls Her Shots Podcast

Ep. 084: Setting vision-based goals to lead you to success

October 25, 2022

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Let’s talk about goal setting! There are so many ways to think about your goals and your dreams but the one honest truth is this — if it’s not coming from a DEEP place — a place where you feel true ALIGNMENT — it’s likely not going to be sustainable or feel very fulfilling. 

So often we accidentally spend too much time chasing after money, accolades and other people’s praise — and then when things really start to feel tough or challenging in the pursuit of all of it, we end up giving up on our biggest dreams (the ones that would actually change the world!)

I just spent the weekend at a conference learning from incredible leaders in the personal development and coaching space and it’s ironic — I had already recorded this episode to go live, and the release is SO timely. Re-listening to my own episode today has helped me remember the importance of setting vision-based goals and I am excited for you to listen in and have the same aha moments!

In today’s episode we’re chatting through:

  • Getting clear on our values and what exactly we WANT in our lives & in our business
  • Understanding what achieving our goals will FEEL like (so we can actually start living out that experience now, instead of just in the future)
  • And we’re also chatting through the importance of not holding onto your goals too tightly (so we don’t risk squeezing out all of the creativity & joy we’d get from them)

Having this clarity is honestly one of the BEST ways to not only grow a business that is sustainable, but also creating one that is fulfilling and has you feeling like you’re living out your true PURPOSE and MISSION!

I can’t wait for you to dive in and share your thoughts and takeaways.

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Mindset Strategies

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs & understanding how they’re holding us back from earning more money
  • Overcoming our perfectionism & people pleasing tendencies
  • Identifying your values and creating alignment with your goals
  • Powerful thinking & visualization strategies to put you in the mindset of a profitable business owner

Financial Strategies

  • Defining your money story & getting clear on any money blocks
  • Understanding your numbers (what you need to go full-time/take your business to the next level)
  • The profit first method and how to start implementing it in your business
  • Successful money habits

Business Strategies

  • Ditching the busy work
  • Powerful content creation
  • Marketing & selling strategies
  • Creating an irresistible brand
  • Streamlining your systems

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