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Ep. 099: 5 things to consider before hiring a brand designer w/ Denisa Parker

January 24, 2023

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Today’s episode is one that I have been very excited to share! I think that for some of us, we can get so excited at the idea of starting our brand design and the possibility of having someone take that weight off our shoulders, right? The thought of having a professional help design our career vision and create the look and feel of what we want it to be is such an incredible part of the creative journey. But sometimes we have to pause and make sure we even know what we want to look at. 

In this episode I’m chatting with Denisa Parker, a branding and packaging designer and founder of Kind and Ivy, who shares her five things to consider before hiring a brand designer. From understanding your goals and target audience to creating a relaunch strategy, Denisa outlines what it takes to create a sustainable and thriving business. 

With a passion for sustainable and ethical brand design and packaging, Denisa has helped numerous small brands turn their business dreams into reality and stand out in their industry. She has a Master’s degree in Environmental Science, which has shaped her mission to make a difference and inspire others. Denisa’s enthusiasm for her work and her attention to detail will help guide us through this complex topic. 

Here is a sneak peak of some of the things we cover:

1. How to Use Brand Strategy and Identity Design to Help Businesses Grow and Scale

2. What to Consider When Working With a Designer to Create a Brand

3. How to Invest in Your Business with a Service Provider


3:00 Meet Denisa

10:18 Brief Overview of Tips for Hiring a Brand Designer

13:53 Hiring a Brand Designer: Things to Consider

15:00 The Importance of Knowing Your Business Goals When Working with a Designer

22:38 The Importance of Timing When Working With a Designer

26:34 The Importance of Branding Clarity

27:34 Branding Budget: How Much Should You Spend?

30:38 Designer-Client Budget Conversation

34:08 Designing a Brand that Stands Out

40:44 Working with a Designer: What to Consider

43:43 The Power of Being Authentic in Your Business

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