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Ep. 7: Not Feeling Motivated? This Pep Talk Is For You!

October 18, 2020

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Hey girl!

Not feeling motivated? This post is going to be a quick pep talk to help light a fire under your booty. So often, we lose “motivation” to do the things that we KNOW will bring us joy in life. Have you ever noticed that sometimes even pulling ourselves off the couch to do something we love feels like a STRUGGLE?? Why is that!? 

Motivation doesn’t exist

Here’s the honest truth – motivation doesn’t exist. We THINK it exists. Every so often we might feel a spark of energy to get up and make things happen… but just as quickly as the feeling comes, it goes! So I guess, motivation does exist, just not in the way we think it does. So often we put off doing something because we’re waiting for this magic moment to happen -and it never shows up. Even if motivation does show up, it’s super unreliable and it DEFINITELY won’t continue to show up everytime. 

And here’s the thing – so many people miss out on the biggest, LIFE-CHANGING activities because they simply aren’t taking action, and they’re waiting for their motivation to show up. The real secret? Motivation comes from taking action! I know that sounds so backwards – but when you turn off your excuses for a few minutes and start taking action on whatever it is you need/want to do, you’ll actually start to feel the motivation inside you! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt unmotivated to start a workout, but forcing myself to change into my workout clothes and simply pressing play makes all the difference. A few minutes in, I’m starting to sweat, my heart is starting to pump, and I can feel myself starting to feel thankful and excited to continue. 

Motivation comes from taking action

This simple truth has been truly life changing to my overall levels of productivity. Maybe you can relate to this feeling, but whenever I wasn’t feeling motivated to work on something (specifically personal projects, business ideas, etc.), I’d start to question whether it was something I should be working on and spending time on. I was letting my lack of motivation stop me in my tracks and allowing it to halt some of the tasks that would create massive impact in my life.

I used to believe this idea that clarity came from planning and preparation — that I’d find more clarity around my goals and my vision for what I should tackle next by sitting down and thinking things through. Honestly, I can’t even begin to tell you how much time was WASTED on this belief. The reality? Clarity comes from action — more specifically, MESSY action. You don’t need to have your next 5 steps planned out — you just need to take action on step number 1.

Clarity comes from messy action

These ideas go hand in hand because I think for a lot of us, we want to feel like we have everything together before we take action in fear of “messing up”. So we procrastinate taking any steps because we want to make space to figure everything out — but because we can’t predict or see into the future, we create a “perfect plan” for how we’re going to tackle every single step – and then when it’s actually time to TAKE action, we’re too exhausted from all of the preparation — so then we find ourselves waiting for the motivation. If only we’d set those perfect plans aside, embrace the fact that we are going to hit curveballs that will ultimately derail our plans and force us to think creatively to keep moving forward, and commit to just STARTING!

Some of the most common reasons why we don’t take action include:

A lack of clarity around our actual goals
  • WHY are we pursuing this goal/task in the first place?
    • Are the goals and things that we’re working on going to leave us feeling fulfilled after we accomplish them, or are we just adding another thing to our “to-do” list because we feel like we “should”
    • How will this task/goal help move me closer to my longer-term vision for my life? 
    • How am I going to measure “success”? Will I constantly be chasing it while I’m pursuing this goal, or do I have clarity around what exactly I want to accomplish?
    • Once we have this information and we’ve nailed down exactly WHY we are doing it in the first place, it will help us get more clear around why it’s even important in the first place
We spend too much time on a detailed plan instead of a simple, skeleton plan
  • Instead of creating a detailed plan around each step that you’re going to take, let’s start digging deep into the WHY we’re doing what we’re doing and creating a simple, skeleton idea for how we’re going to tackle it
    • What’s the time frame of this goal? How much time will I need to commit daily/weekly? Is this goal/task relevant to the stage of life I’m in right now? How can I set myself up for success on a daily/weekly basis to help me accomplish this goal/task?
    • How can I create a simple bulleted task list of the important items that I’ll need to do to finish the goal. Notice I said SIMPLE list. This isn’t a breakdown of exactly how you’re going to do things step-by-step — but rather, it’s a rough outline and timeline of the high level things that you’ll need to work on.
Our goal doesn’t align with our current season of life
  • You know those things that you feel like you “should” be doing, but deep down you just don’t feel like they align with where you are in life, right now?! Oftentimes, a lack of motivation comes from this misalignment. If you don’t feel truly drawn or excited about a project or goal or you don’t believe deep down that it’s something that is going to work at this stage for you in your life or your business, it’s a very low probability that you’ll be motivated to work on it at all.
    • Ask yourself — will I still feel happy if I put off this goal for 6 months, and then revisit it to see if it’s a better time? If the answer is yes, don’t work on it, and revisit it later. If the answer is no; you’ll feel unfulfilled now if you don’t work on it, then start asking yourself “why” until you get to the REAL reason behind your motivation for the goal. When we can get down to the TRUE reason why we want to work on something, we’ll be much more excited to tackle it.

So if you’re struggling to find motivation, do these steps above and remember: get clear around your goals, but be flexible on the timeline. If we try to accomplish everything at the same time, we’re going to feel burned out, overwhelmed, and we’ll give up before we start to see the real traction. Celebrate the fact that you decided to show up daily and take messy action BEFORE “finding” the motivation. I’m rooting for you girl! Click here to listen to the podcast and let’s dive even deeper on this topic!

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 Hey girl, and welcome to the She Calls or Shots podcast, where we are all about making a bigger impact while learning how to live bolder, brighter, and happier lives. My name is Krista, and I’m a photographer, creative, and an entrepreneur, and I am so excited to navigate through this journey together as we deep dive into creating a life, business and personal growth journey.

Journey that we are totally obsessed with. And in this podcast we are all about real talk and having honest and open conversations as we share insights and tips on how to play a bigger game and live a life that we truly love. So girlfriend, let’s make some moves and start working on our dreams.

Hey girl, I am. So excited that you’re listening into this episode today because this is gonna be a real quick kick in the pants, kind of a pep talk if you feel like you’ve lost your motivation. So pull up a chair, grab your latte or your tall glass of wine, whatever it is you feel like treating yourself too.

And let’s share some heart to heart honesty for a minute. So when is the last time that you felt unmotivated to do something? Like you knew it was something that you wanted to do deep down and you knew that if you did it, that it would make your life better in some way, but you just couldn’t must up the energy to do it?

For so many of us, myself included, we wait until we feel like we have the motivation to do things in life. Like we think that there’s gonna be some magic moment where the things that we don’t want to do, were all of a sudden gonna have the energy and the excitement to do them. But let’s get real honest for a second, because when it’s the last time that you really feel like that happened, like that, the motivation to do something, just all of a sudden showed up.

It kind of doesn’t really happen very often, and every once in a while you might have motivation to do something and maybe you even muster up the motivation to do it once. But do you continue getting the motivation to do it again the next time you need to do it, or do you find yourself in that same position waiting and waiting and waiting to find it?

If you’re anything like me, it’s probably more like the latter. Like I’ll, every once in a while I’ll get the motivation to be able to just like kind of do something quick, but then, The next time I need to do it, sometimes it takes me even longer to find the motivation to do it again, and it’s so crazy because sometimes the things that I need to do are actually gonna be huge game changers in my life.

Like those things that you, they’re important and like they actually make a difference and an impact, and you just have to commit to doing them consistently. But the thing is, is if we’re constantly waiting for motivation that has proven itself to be unreliable, or even worse, it might just never show up, then we’re not really taking control in our lives.

And even worse or not taking action, that’s gonna help us get to where we want to go. And what’s even more funny to me is that oftentimes I see this happen a lot. A lot of the things that I don’t have motivation to do in the moment are actually things that bring me joy when I get myself to do them. And I think maybe you’ll be able to relate to this, the example of working out, because there are season seasons in life where, you know, we’d wake up, we’re super excited to get in our run or a workout, we jump out of bed, we change into our workout clothes, you know, we go and get our workout done, we start our day off on the right foot, and maybe that motivation lasts for a day or a couple days or a week, but all of a sudden it seems life kicks in.

Something happens like we get a curve ball or we just like lose that momentum and all of a sudden now we just can’t seem to find the time or the energy or we, we’ve just lost the excitement to work out or to do the thing that we like know we want to do. Even though we know that when we’re consistent with doing the thing that we want to do, we show up as better versions of ourselves.

We still just somehow lose that motivation. So like, what’s the deal, right? Like, how is it that the things that I enjoy, the things that I like to do are sometimes the hardest things for me to do, or the things that I know will bring me the most joy or the most satisfaction in my life? Why are these the things that I find myself putting off?

Let’s dive in a little bit and talk about some of the reasons why we might feel like we don’t have motivation and how we can actually work past those feelings in order to get things done. So I think for one, one of the things that is most common that I’ve seen in myself and in my friends and in people that I’ve talked to, one of the reasons why we don’t do the things that we probably should do or that will make the biggest impact in our life.

The reason why we aren’t taking action on those things is because we’re actually unclear on how we should best move forward. Clarity around our goals and around our tasks is actually something that’s sometimes kind of hard because it takes. Time before you do the thing to like actually brainstorm. You know, figure out, make a game game plan around how you’re going to accomplish the goal or the task.

And oftentimes we can sometimes skip that step, right? Like, we get so excited about working out, we’re just gonna like jump into this one workout program without actually seeing like, does this program make sense for me? Am I going to like the workouts? Can I do the workouts? How long is the plan? Like we don’t really like put that much thought and energy into.

What it looks like before we jump in or meal prepping. You know, I’m gonna eat healthy this week. And then, you know, we make that decision and then all of a sudden Monday comes around, we don’t have any groceries in the house, we don’t have anything healthy to eat, you know, and then Monday, you know, we eat crap food and then we’re like, oh, well, hmm, I guess I can’t eat healthy this week.

Like, it just sometimes takes some prep on our, on our end, ahead of time before like trying to do the thing, um, in order to do it successfully. So really it’s as simple as when you feel like you should be doing something like, or you have something that you wanna tackle, ask yourself this question first.

Do I know exactly what I need to be doing right now in order to move towards that goal? Or do I need more clarity on what I should be working on first? And if you find that you have that lack of clarity, like you’re not really sure on how to tackle it step by step and what you should work on first, then take that goal, write it down on a piece of paper, and ask yourself, what are the individual steps that I need to take in order to accomplish this goal?

And is there anything that might be holding me back from achieving it? And once you have those answers, I feel like then you’re able to choose your next best step. And just get to work. Like honestly, it’s that simple. It’s just break it down into small bite size steps that you can accomplish one by one.

Make sure you’re not lumping together big things like, you know, if you’re gonna create a website, you’re not just gonna make a task like, well, or like launch a website, let’s say. If you’re gonna launch a website, you’re not gonna be like, well create a website. Launch a website. Like those aren’t the two tasks, right?

Like there’s so much more involved in that. You have to pick a domain, you have to like pick a hosting site. You have to create the site, you have to like create the content, you have to add the images. So it’s like taking everything and just . Breaking it down. So simply is if you were explaining to someone step by step how to do it, and then just start at that first step, like just tackle it.

But if you don’t have that clarity around your first step, there’s no way that you’re gonna know what to tackle first. And once you know what those individual steps are and what the things are that might be holding you back from potentially achieving that goal, then you know the things you need to do.

And you know the things that you need to prep for and the roadblocks that you might have while you are. Working towards achieving that goal. And you might be telling yourself or telling me, Chris, I already know the steps and I already know what I need to do. I just don’t feel inspired to do it. And if that is you my friend, do not worry.

We have you covered. We’re gonna chat about that next because that’s also something that I think comes up so often in life. You know, we might know what we need to do, we just don’t really want to do it. So if you find yourself in that boat friend, ask yourself these two questions. Number one, is this thing really a priority to me in the season of life?

Or asked another way, would I be upset if I stop doing this thing all together for the next six months? And I love this question because it really makes us get honest with ourselves around our priorities because there might be seasons of life where something is important to you and you feel like you need to continue maintaining that thing throughout each season of life.

But the fact is, is that we’ve talked about this many times on the podcast, our seasons of life change. And that’s so beautiful because our priorities shift and the things that we spend our time on shifts and the things that are important to us honestly shift. And so asking yourself this, these questions helps you really figure out if the thing that you keep telling yourself that you need to do is actually something that you should be spending time on.

So if your answer is no, um, you know, I would be okay with letting go of this task or this habit during the season of life. I wouldn’t be upset if I stopped doing it. Then it gives you that permission and that clarity to just release that weight off of your shoulders. And you no longer have to worry about feeling burdened about not doing the thing.

You can just let it go for six months. You can reevaluate in, you know, another, I mean, you don’t even have to wait six months, like maybe in three months. It’s important to you again, but like the important thing is you can release that weight off of yourself for now. On the other hand, if you find yourself asking yourself that question, and the answer is yes, if you think that you would be upset by letting you know this thing, this goal, this task, whatever it is that it might be, if you would be upset, if you let that go for the next six months, then we need to figure out a way that we can get excited about the thing.

That we want to do, but here is the simple truth. Motivation is fleeting, like it is gone in a second. And I mean, even things that you’re, I mean, we talked about it, even things that you’re excited about, like the excitement and that feeling of motivation is gone so quickly. And I think something that’s so important, which is not really common practice is thinking of it in this way, is that our actions should create our motivation and not the other way around.

Meaning we shouldn’t be waiting for our feelings and our emotions to like magically create this motivation in order to inspire us to take action. Instead, get clarity around what you need to do and just take simple action towards it. And chances are, if it’s something you’re excited about doing, or even if it’s something that you aren’t excited about doing, but you know it’s important to do, once you start taking action, you start feeling more motivated.

I can, honestly, I have such an embarrassing thing to, you know, talk about, but like this is me every year with my taxes. Like I don’t, I mean, you raise your hand if you’re excited about doing your taxes every year. I can say. Very strongly that that is not something that I am excited about doing. And I put it off so bad like this year I was your girl who was like waiting until the last day that you could file before filing my taxes.

Like it, like just being honest, that was me. So, and it’s interesting because obviously I was not motivated to do it and I knew that it was important, right? Like, I’m not trying to be over here like doing anything illegal. Like I knew that I was gonna do my taxes. I knew it was important. I knew that there were implications to me not filing on time.

Like I, I knew it. I knew that it was important, and yet I waited until the last day, and I don’t recommend doing that for anybody who’s on the fence about doing their taxes, like do not wait until the last day. It is not fun to do that, but I can tell you that. Even though I wasn’t excited about doing it, I like spent a couple days like prepping everything, like, you know, getting all my bank accountants information and like prepping all of the things that I knew that I would need in order to fly out my taxes.

And I kid you not, I sat on the couch, I poured myself a nice big old glass of red wine and I put on some Taylor Swift and I did my taxes and I mean, it took a couple of hours. It actually didn’t take as long as I thought it would, I think because I had spent a little bit of time just prepping and getting everything together.

But it actually felt kind of fun. Like, I don’t know why, it was like once I started, I like started, you know, inputting everything. And I like, I use h and R block and I’m like inputting all the stuff and it’s like helping me along the way. And like here I am, jamming out to my music, drinking my wine, and like at the end of it I was like, wow, that wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was gonna be.

And spoiler alert, that happens every single year. Like I do the same thing every single year. I put it off, I wait to do it, I do it, and I’m always like, wow, that wasn’t as bad. And like it actually was kind of fun. Like, it’s like this weird thing. I don’t, I don’t know why. Don’t ask me why I. Semi enjoy due my taxes.

But all of that to say, even when it’s something that’s not fun, like when people ask me what I do for fun, I don’t say doing my taxes, right? Like that’s not something that I actually enjoy doing. But even things that I don’t enjoy doing but that I know are really important to do in life, I get, you know, excited about, if you wanna call it excitement, if you wanna call it motivation, I get like inspired to do it once I’m doing it, not the other way around.

And for a lot of us, we wait for that motivation in order to do the thing, you know? And sometimes, like we said, that can take weeks, months, I mean, sometimes even years. But the secret is truly taking small action in order to create that momentum and that motivation. So if you’re listening to this right now, maybe you are not feeling motivated to start that paper that you need to write or that blog post, or maybe you are really not excited about working out, or you know, you are too nervous about starting that business or rebranding your business.

Like, I want to encourage you right now, you know, start that paper. Write 10 words. Write the, you know, first paragraph, write half of the first paragraph. Like, maybe even just write out the bullet points. Like just start, like take simple steps. Don’t feel like you need to write the whole thing in one sitting, or maybe you’re not excited about working out.

You know, push pause on your feelings for like five minutes. Put on your workout clothes and tell yourself that you’ll just commit to doing five minutes of the workout. Tell yourself, you know what, after five minutes, if I wanna stop, I can. Because I can tell you I’ve done that before multiple times. And usually what ends up happening is once you can get through those, you know, first five minutes you get really excited, you’re like, man, I’m like totally kicking butt at this.

Even if you’re like me and I’m like doing a dance video and I’m like kind of dancing kind of crazy and I don’t look anything like the people on the screen. Like I don’t care because I’m like moving my body. You’re feeling that endorphin rush. Like just tell yourself five minutes, that’s all you need to do.

And then if you can finish the whole 30 minutes or 45 minutes or whatever it is, like give yourself like a huge pat on the back. You know, or if it’s that business that you’re too exci or you’re too nervous to start, or you just like don’t know where to start, like 10 minutes, take 10 minutes to just like write out your goals, write out your business ideas, and just like.

Find the simplest way to start, and just by start, by doing that, because you’ll be starting, you’ll be gaining that momentum as you start. You’re also gaining clarity because you’re actually taking action and you’re using that action to provide more clarity around what you want around your goals. And I guarantee you by taking that action, you will start to find the inspiration.

I also just want just a quick little, you know, reminder to just remember to find joy in the process and not just in the outcome. Because we as humans, we’re hardwired to enjoy instant gratification. I mean, I know y’all know this, right? Like how many, you know, there’s like a Netflix special about like social media and like instant gratification and like there’s all this stuff and all these studies that have been done to show, you know, this is why we’re so addicted to our phones.

And because we are so addicted to instant gratification, you know, there are cons with it, just as there are pros. So for example, going back to working out how many of us, I’m raising my hand right now because I have also embarrassingly done this. You work out, you eat a salad and then you lift up your shirt.

You look at your belly and you’re like, wait, why don’t I have rock salad abs? Like, I’m laughing because this is something that I’ve done. Like, you know, I, I didn’t actually expect to have rock salad abs. But I mean, like, it’s still that same idea of like, you know, you work out for like a day, two days, three days, and all of a sudden you’re like, man, I’ve put in all this energy, like, why am I not fit yet?

Because we, we get so caught up in that end. Result, right? We, we don’t really stop to think about the journey. Like think about how amazing it is that you’re showing up for day one, day two, day three. You are like putting in this effort. You are like changing your mindset. You’re like working towards your goals.

Like that’s the stuff that we need to get really excited about instead of focusing on the long-term goals. Like yes, those are important to have and you always wanna have those to be able to look towards, but like sign, find some of your joy in the daily goals and that daily, you know, work that you’re putting in, you know, maybe you push a little harder during your cardio workout and then like celebrate after because you like put in a lot of hard work.

Getting into that habit of treating yourself when you, you know, accomplish something every single day is one of the best ways to implement better habits because you’re literally rewarding yourself. Which, like, if you’ve not read Atomic Habits by James Clear, I highly recommend it, but I mean, rewarding yourself or like, you know, giving yourself like something fun and like finding joy in building a good habit is like one of the best ways of making long-term change.

And you know, your treats yourself don’t have to be food treats. I think a lot of the time we think like, oh, I worked out, I’m gonna like treat myself to an ice cream sundae. And like, you know, I mean, a lot of us know, maybe not the best way to treat ourselves when we’re trying to like, lose weight or like, eat better.

So like maybe you treat yourself to a bath or a mani-pedi, or just spend some time watching your favorite show on net. Netflix, like just relax on the couch. You know, snuggle with your dogs, read a new book. Or like even nap, like, Hey, if you’re anything like me, I love sleep. So sometimes when I do the things that are like really adult, honestly, and I feel like I’ve like put out a lot of energy in order to do those things, like I sometimes re reward myself with a nap.

Like I feel like a child doesn’t matter. I love my sleep. Like find the things that you love and that bring you joy and let yourself just indulge in those things once you’ve done the things that you know are important. Focus on the little wins. You know, like once you’ve created your goal and the task that you need to accomplish in order to hit that goal, don’t just celebrate.

Once you’ve hit the goal, celebrate each task completion. Like each little step that you take, no matter how small it might seem, is still such a big step in the right direction to move you forward and like take time and celebrate that momentum. Also, I think another thing that will kind of help us find motivation when we feel like we don’t have it, um, is revisiting the, our deeper why.

Not just like the surface level. Why, like, not like, oh, you know, I wanna lose weight because I wanna be thin. Like I wanna lose weight because I want to be able to like, you know, be healthy for my kids. Or like, I wanna lose weight because I want to. You know, actually like be healthy, lower my cholesterol, like live longer, you know, whatever it might be.

But like that really deep why is gonna be the thing that’s going to help you find motivation when you feel like you’ve lost it. So sometimes, you know, the goals that we have in our business or in our life directly affect us in some way, but, They often have a lot of power to change the lives of those around us as well, right?

Like when you have a big goal for yourself or your business, oftentimes that doesn’t only just like affect you, but it also affects other people around you, right? Like your family and your friends, and like the people who are important to you. Because for example, you know, your goal to create a thriving and successful business is not only great for you, but it lets your family thrive.

You know, you get to live a more fulfilling life. Maybe you get to find a better work-life balance. Maybe you’re outsourcing some of your work and systematizing your process so that you have more free time and you know, you can be more present with your family. Like these goals and these things that we have don’t just affect us.

They often affect other people. So when you start to feel like you’re not motivated, you know, to do the thing that you know is important for yourself or your business, think about all of the other people that will benefit once you do. And another thing, just start with one thing and be okay with a first draft.

And I know that this can be so hard because. We as humans, we like being good at things. Am I right? Like we don’t like starting something and being like, well, I’m probably gonna suck at this. But like the reality is you’re probably gonna suck at something if you’ve never done it before or if you’re new to doing it.

And also, sometimes we try and take on too much at the same time. So even if you’re clear on what you need to do, you’ve broken down all the steps, you know what you need to do to move forward. We sometimes try to accomplish too much at the same time. We try and accomplish. Too many things, you know, like we don’t just stop at that first task.

Like we try and do the first three tasks in like the first day or the first week. And sometimes that can lead to a lack of motivation because we’re brought, it brings on this like deeper feeling of overwhelm. We’re trying to tackle too much. We’re trying to like take it all on too quickly and whenever that’s the case, be okay with shifting your current plan.

Shifting kind of that idea, that thought that you had around how you were going to move forward and how much you were going to tackle and be okay with just focusing on one thing. And maybe, you know, you feel behind on something that you were working on, you know, because you tried to take on too much and then you know what ends up happening.

You try to take on too much, you get overwhelmed, and then you stop working on it all together. Let’s avoid that because that’s not helpful for anybody. You know? Maybe you feel behind because you did that and then you stopped working on it and now you feel behind and you like need to like, Pick back up on where you were instead of trying to like catch up to where you left off.

Pick one small thing that you could work on today right now, or like in the immediate future that will help you get a quick win. And give you that momentum to continue moving forward. And maybe that’s like a super small thing. Like maybe it’s even just like taking out the notebook that has the plans of the thing that you are going to do and like, you know, rereading it and figuring out the first thing that you’re gonna do to pick back up.

Like whatever it might be. It doesn’t need to even be some huge task. Find some quick win because we love quick wins, right? It’s that instant gratification like, Do just that one thing. Celebrate the heck out of it when you do it, and then just figure out small ways to keep doing that every single day and be okay with it not being perfect.

I know we’ve talked about that before too, but being, you know, Throwing perfectionism aside is so crucial when we’re also tackling feelings around a lack of motivation. Because oftentimes when we put these, you know, perfectionist beliefs in our head, and then we don’t hit this, you know, goal that doesn’t even exist because being perfect is like, not like a real thing.

Like when we don’t hit that goal, it usually causes us to lose our motivation again. So be okay with throwing that to the side and just like, Putting out a crappy first draft of something like be okay with just being that beginner. And lastly, I think sometimes our lack of motivation can actually be caused by us spending too much time thinking about or working on a certain task.

When that feels like the case, give yourself a break. And for like a set amount of time, when we use all of our creative energy on one thing, we can oftentimes feel really creatively burned out, even if we’re trying really hard to like put ourselves in creative situations. And we think that we’re like, Helping ourselves by giving us more time to work.

We don’t give ourselves enough breaks, and then we end up just losing our focus and our attention on the goal anyway. So take a break, do something fun that you’ll enjoy. You know, read a fictional book, go out for a hike, take a warm shower, listen to some jazz, like, find some ways that you can recharge and just let your brain relax for a while, and you’ll often return with so much more inspiration.

And sometimes you even get inspiration when you let your brain relax and take a break and not focus on the thing that you’re trying to do. So just give yourself some space. And remember, we all experience days where we just don’t feel motivated and you might not always win, and that’s okay. And don’t let yourself feel defeated because some days we crush it and some days we just get by.

And the most important thing that we can remember is that each day is filled with new opportunities. And we have a tribe of women in our corner that are cheering us on. And I truly do believe that by implementing some of these tips, you’ll not only experience wins more often, but you’ll also just feel so much happier and fulfilled and.

Able and inspired to take massive action towards your goals. I’m rooting for you so much girl, and I will talk to you soon.

Thank you so much for listening in and for joining me on this journey. If you love this episode, I would so appreciate you sharing it with your girlfriends, or better yet, share it on Instagram and tag me. I would love to personally say thank you and hear what resonated with you the most. As always, I am so excited that we get to figure all of this out together.

Until next time, I’ll talk to you soon, girl.

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