20 Social Media Posts / Topics That You Can Use This Month!

October 19, 2020

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"Listening to Krista invite us all in to join her in growing together, dreaming bigger together, and face our fears and breaking through together has me doing a major happy dance over here. This is just the kind of enthusiasm, encouragement, and real talk about real challenges and hopeful inspiration I think anyone who wants to create a meaningful and exciting life and career needs. Thank you for creating this! ❤️" - Dara P.


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Need a little boost of inspiration around what to share on social media?!

So many business owners struggle with what to share on social media. So to help ease some of the pain, here’s a template of 20 curated post topics that you can start using today! I’ve crafted 20 unique things for you to share with your audience to help you fill your social media calendar. All you need to do is add in your own information & unique stories and you’re good to go!

This works best for coaches, influencers, creatives, bloggers, women entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone else running their own business!

Here’s the bulleted list for easy printing!

Monday (Behind The Scenes)

1: You doing your favorite part of your job & why it’s your favorite

2: Something you wish you would have known before starting your biz

3: Show off your office/workspace

4: Your go-to work attire/wardrobe

Tuesday (Health / Lifestyle / Fitness)

1: Your favorite snack/meal while you work

2: What workout you did today

3: An easy, delicious recipe that you love to make

4: How you like to spend your time “off” from work

Wednesday (Weekly New Content)

1: Weekly new blog post/podcast recap

2: Weekly new blog post/podcast recap

3: Weekly new blog post/podcast recap

4: Weekly new blog post/podcast recap

Thursday (Something You Sell / Offer)

1: Share your work / what you offer to your clients

2: Talk about your unique client experience

3: Share a client testimonial / review

4: Share your most frequently purchased product/service

Friday (Motivation / Inspiration)

1: Share your favorite inspirational quote

2: Talk about a time you’ve overcome a challenge in your business

3: Share your top tips for staying motivated/consistent, etc.

4: Share one thing you’re excited about that’s coming up in the month ahead

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