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Ep. 090: [People Pleasers!] How to stop seeking validation and celebrate ourselves more w/ Lizzie Moult

November 29, 2022

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"Listening to Krista invite us all in to join her in growing together, dreaming bigger together, and face our fears and breaking through together has me doing a major happy dance over here. This is just the kind of enthusiasm, encouragement, and real talk about real challenges and hopeful inspiration I think anyone who wants to create a meaningful and exciting life and career needs. Thank you for creating this! ❤️" - Dara P.


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So excited to share this episode with you! Lizzie and I are going DEEP today around our people pleasing tendencies – where they come from – why they matter – how we can reframe them – and so much more!

Lizzie Moult is a storyteller, cognitive behavioural therapist and mentor who’s passion is to help business owners illuminate the energetic dance between their minds and bodies and what it takes to trust ourselves fully. After healing her own stories, beliefs and patterns that kept her feeling small, stuck and prioritising everyone else, she is now a radiant and humbling example of how you can turn your story around and do LIFE your own way!

Here’s a peek at some of the things that we cover:

4:30 – Lizzie’s life and business background as a creative entrepreneur
7:05: When Lizzie realized she was putting people’s needs before her own & how that completely transformed her business
9:40: The courage that we need to focus in and grow our business
13:35 – How we learned to seek validation early on & what that means for us as now
15:36: We all want validation, but we have to validate ourselves first
18:30: The importance of knowing and understanding our inner values and who we are
19:41 – The Enneagram and how it can help you start to understand your tendencies and traits
23:00 – The importance of self-discovery and how it helps you approach the world in from a wiser perspective
24:30: Leaning into who you are and your unique qualities
30:25: People pleasing lives in our heads and sometimes comes from a deeper belief/thought that needs to be healed
36:40 – How our self-beliefs can turn into strong judgements
38:00 – There are no right or wrong judgements and feelings, we just label them as “good” or “bad”
40:25: We’re all continuously evolving & learning to accept who we are at our core (and who other people are at their core)
43:42 – Giving yourself grace during all of your growth seasons and recognizing that you’ll always be growing (and it’s okay if you don’t know how to handle everything all the time)
45:00: How entrepreneurship fast-track grows your own personal development
46:30: Giving yourself permission to pause and process the things happening in your life right now
51:00 Fully accepting that you can’t be everything to everyone

Links from today’s episode:
Lizzie’s book recommendation: You are a badass at making money by Jen Sincero
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