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Learn More About Enneagram Type 3’s

December 14, 2023

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The Achiever

People with this Enneagram type are characterized by a strong drive for success, achievement, and to be seen as a role model by others. They are focused on presenting a positive image to others and, because of their desire for achievement, can sometimes be referred to as “human doings” instead of “human beings”.

While Enneagram Ones care about doing things the “right” way, no matter the cost — Enneagram Threes are less concerned about perfectionism, and get their satisfaction from checking things off their list (notice the nuance here between complete vs. perfect).

Enneagram Threes have an ingrained belief that in order to be successful, you must achieve or accomplish something of value. Their self-worth comes from how much they’ve accomplished, and are concerned with others looking to them as role models.

Key Characteristics of Enneagram Type Threes:

  • Achievement-Oriented: Enneagram Threes are hyper focused on success and accomplishments. They often set ambitious goals and work hard to achieve them.
  • Adaptable: They are often able to adapt quickly and present themselves in a way that will be positively received by others. They have a unique ability to sense what others are looking for — giving them an almost chameleon like personality. Sometimes this adaptability leads to a disconnection from their true feelings and desires.
  • Competitive: Not only are Threes competitive with others, they are also always in competition with themselves. They are highly driven to outperform and want to be considered the “best” in their field/work.

Type Three Core Fear:

Failure, being exposed, seen as invaluable or worthless. They often worry that if they don’t achieve something worthy, they won’t be loved or valued by others.

Type Three Core Desire:

To achieve, be respected, and seen as successful & admirable by others.

Core Differentiator for Type Threes (What Makes Them Unique) :

An ability to sense people’s perceptions and adjust accordingly (almost like a chameleon, they can instantly shape shift who they are to make others happy). For an Enneagram Three, if all of their friends from different circles all got into one room together, the Enneagram Three might have an identity crisis — questioning their true sense of self and not knowing who to be in that moment.

Common Thoughts of Enneagram Type Three:

  • I tend to compare myself to others to gauge how well I’m doing at something
  • When I think someone is performing better than me, I fixate on it until I am better
  • I feel most worthy when I accomplish something
  • I love when others give me recognition, and I usually shrug it off to others – not showing how hard I worked to accomplish it
  • I don’t consider myself an emotional person, and often feel emotions get in the way of my pace/goals

Growth Path for Enneagram Threes:

When they can learn to match their desire for outward recognition with their own inner recognition and self-celebration (I.E. Celebrating and recognizing themselves internally, rather than seeking the external validation). Personal growth also means learning to connect with their authentic selves (the self that doesn’t have to achieve anything in order to be worthy). Learning to value who they are, independent of their success.



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