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We're obsessed with creating a mindset focused around success & implementing the simple, effective strategies that you need to grow a sustainable, thriving business!

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Such great actionable steps delivered in a way that’s so easy to comprehend and put into action. Krista is a fantastic host!"


"Extremely actionable!

It allows us listeners to actually move the needle in our businesses and take small actions that create big change. Krista is so smart and so helpful and I am so glad I found the show!


It’s like getting advice from a friend about business

There is a lot of tips and strategies that all business owners need to hear!

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Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Podchaser This year we are calling our own shots and creating a sustainable and thriving business by learning how to set intentional goals by prioritizing and visualizing success! This episode is all about goal setting habits for big picture growth. I learned that it is necessary to […]

Ep. 096: Goal setting habits for sustainable growth

She Calls Her Shots Podcast

Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Podchaser Setting goals can often feel really stressful as business owners. We get so consumed with our social stats and how we’re “tracking”, we chase shiny objects and get distracted by the “fun” ways of growing our business — we focus on all of this, and we […]

Ep. 058: How to set better goals as a business owner

She Calls Her Shots Podcast