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Ep. 114: Growing your business while prioritizing YOU

May 9, 2023

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Today’s episode is all about prioritizing ourselves. It’s about focusing on how we can fill ourselves back up as creatives, as business owners, as women, as entrepreneurs. It’s tough being a business owner and there are so many things that I wish I would have known before diving in. While I wouldn’t have necessarily done anything different, there are so many lessons and things I’m continuing to learn and I’m excited to share with you today.

This conversation is about understanding the importance of investing in yourself (as a person) in order to achieve big business growth. It’s essential to recognize that the entrepreneurial journey is not linear, and that moments of growth can be followed by moments of feeling stuck or anxious. Taking a break from working in the business to focus on self-love and mental health can help to create clarity and reduce stress. It’s so important to remember that your business would not exist if it weren’t for YOU! I’m really excited to dive in today and talk about how we can manage some of our anxiety and prioritize ourselves as part of our business and our overall goals!  


  1. The importance of investing in yourself in order to achieve big business growth
  2. Acknowledging anxiety and finding ways to manage it 
  3. Practicing more self love and self acceptance when you’re feeling unmotivated

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Here’s what we covered in this episode:

2:23 How Taking Time Away from Your Business Can Lead to Growth

7:36 How Prioritizing Self-Care Can Help You Reach Your Goals

11:03 Overcoming Your Lack of Motivation

15:40 The Importance of Self-Love and Self-Care to Avoid Burnout

18:53 How Clutter Affected My Creative Process

22:16 Decluttering and Accepting What We Cannot Control

27:18 Exploring Personal Goals and Values for Increased Fulfillment

29:27 Benefits of a Miracle Morning Routine

30:54 Growing Your Business in a Fulfilling Way

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Read the full episode transcript

#115 – Growing your business while prioritizing YOU

[00:00:00] Hey there, and welcome to the She Calls Her Shots podcast. Every week we chat through different business building topics that’ll help you gain clarity around your goals, find inspiration in your journey, and also help you create a life and a business that you love. My name is Krista, and I’m a wedding and brand photographer and your go-to no fluff business coach.

In these episodes, we talk through both the tactical strategies, habits, and the mindset work that’ll help you take those really big leaps. And we always focus on the real talk and the behind the scenes of what it takes to create a sustainable and a thriving business. Because let’s be honest, the work isn’t always glamorous, but it’s.

Always worth it. So girlfriend, let’s make some moves and start calling our own shots. Hello friend, and welcome to this episode of the She Calls Her Shots podcast. First and foremost, [00:01:00] just thank you so much for being here. I know I always say that, but really here I am sitting in my dining room with my laptop and my mic, and.

Nothing else. The rain is outside, but I just, I’m reminded often when I sit down and record these episodes that while I’m here by myself recording, I’m just so honored that I am in your headphones or in your car speaker, or I am somewhere, wherever you are. When you’re listening in, and that just brings me so much joy and so much warmth.

So thank you so much for being here. I feel like I just wanna cheers to you for taking time out of your day today to listen in and to help fill yourself back up. And this topic actually is really all about how can we fill ourselves back up as creatives, as business owners, as women, as entrepreneurs.

It’s tough. It’s tough being a business owner, and there’s so many things that I wish I would have known before. Diving in. Not that I would’ve done anything differently [00:02:00] necessarily, or not that I would’ve made any different decisions, but there’s just so many lessons and so many things that I’m continuing to learn and I’m really excited to dive into today how we can manage some of our anxiety and also prioritize ourselves as a part of our business and our goals.

And so if you’re a first time listening in, first thanks first. I just wanna shout you out. Thank you so much for being here. I’d love for you to leave a review if you love this episode or connect with me on Instagram at Hey Kristen Marie, if you’ve been around for a while, thank you so much. Uh, let’s go ahead and really talk about where did this episode idea come from?

Cuz I love being really open and honest, right? This podcast is all about come with me on this journey and let’s. Go through these moments of growth together. I am not sitting here as an expert in, you know, business or life, and I don’t claim to be an expert in those things. It always catches me off guard when I have people come to me asking for expert advice.

Cause I’m like, I’m just over here doing the best that I [00:03:00] can with what I have. Right? I do have 12 years of experience behind me, but we’re all still in the same boat figuring this out. So where did this episode come from today? Where did this idea come from? I have recently been through, again, some kind of just really interesting moments of growth, and it’s always so intriguing to me, and I know that we know this as business owners, but the entrepreneurial journey is not.

A linear upward journey, right? We know this. We know that it’s kind of spiraled. Sometimes we feel like we’re going backwards. We feel like we’re upside down. We don’t know what we’re doing. We all know that that’s going to happen. But what’s always really interesting to me is that sometimes those moments where we feel like we’re upside down or going backwards or stuck or whatever it might be, come right after moments of feeling really in flow and feeling.

Like you have everything figured out. Your business is going well, you feel like you’re aligned and in tune, and then all of a sudden [00:04:00] the business kind of rug gets pulled out from under your feet and all of a sudden you’re like, where did this come from? I wasn’t expecting it. So that’s a little bit about where I was, just to be honest, in the last couple of months.

So I had moments that just felt really good. I felt really in flow, felt really aligned. And then just kind of this, I don’t even really know what happened that caused it, but it just like everything felt like it shifted all of a sudden. And I found myself in this other place of trying to figure out what are my priorities?

What are my goals? What is it that I wanna focus on? And so ironically, a lot of my clarity actually came from non. Quote unquote business things. And that’s kind of what I wanna talk about today because as business owners, we often put a lot of pressure on ourselves. For me, this is where some of my anxiety comes from, is feeling like we need to be working in the business in order for the business to be growing.

And I’d love for you to connect with me if that resonates with you. I’d love for you to share on Instagram. Just be like, Krista, that’s me too. I oftentimes [00:05:00] feel like I have to be working in the business. I have to feel like I’m being productive in order to feel like things are growing and there’s momentum.

And so it’s actually really interesting to me that I had a lot of clarity and I felt a lot less anxiety when I pulled myself away from working in the business and. Really focused on investing in myself as a person and how that naturally led to business growth. And so that’s what we’re gonna dive into today because how I don’t feel like this is really talked about very often and as a business coach, sometimes it’s tricky because there are a lot of business coaches out there.

If you are on Instagram and you search for business coach, you will see a wide range of all types of people. And I never want to be that coach with my clients. That’s just like, go, go, go. Create the thing. Do the thing. You know, work really hard, right? Like, I wanna talk just as much about taking space from your business as I do about the moments of growth and pushing and goal setting, [00:06:00] because truthfully, As business owners, we are our business, like our business wouldn’t exist if it weren’t.

For us as human beings and us as human beings, we need, I mean, we need self-love. We need breaks. We need time away. We need our mental health. We need our physical health. We need everything that we need as human beings. And. Business stuff, right? Like we need both. And so it’s so important to me to make sure that we’re having these conversations around both of these and how we can tie them both together to make sure that we feel fulfilled as a person because our business won’t feel enjoyable if we don’t feel fulfilled.

So all of that said, I feel like I’m leading. Ooh, it’s a big lead up. You can feel my energy today. I’m just obviously so passionate about this, but I, I will be talking a little bit. I kind of another preface, I will be talking a little bit about anxiety and if anxiety is something that you also. Deal with.

I highly suggest speaking to [00:07:00] someone about your anxiety, and maybe you already do this, but if not, I always wanna encourage this. I have worked with a life coach now for the last six years. We’ve kind of been on and off some of the time, but there was a period in time where her and I worked through a ton of things together.

I. I feel like I have grown and processed so much more because of our work together. I’ve actually done a couple of podcast episodes with her. Her name is Dara Posner, and we talk about self-love and self-acceptance and all of that as business owners and how we can balance that. I’ll link to both of those episodes in the show notes if you’re interested, but I think it’s so important.

Make sure that you talk to someone if this is something that you deal with. Like I, there is no stigma around talking to someone about anxiety or accepting that we have any. Anxiety and figuring out healthy ways for us to process our anxiety. So I just wanna put that out there as if you haven’t talked to someone, I highly recommend finding someone that you can talk to about it.

But I’m gonna be speaking a little bit about it today. [00:08:00] Not so much in the how it like physically affects me, but just some of the questions and doubts and things that it pops up when I feel a bit anxious. So before we dive in quickly, I do just wanna give a quick shout out. I. I’m now a few months in, I think when this episode goes live.

Actually, I think we’re about five months into my group coaching program, and it has just been a blast coaching the women in our program, and it’s called Amplify. And the, the foundational, the principles of Amplify are, number one, growing a business that fits around your life. Number two, simplifying your business strategy, and number three, reframing how you approach and think about marketing.

And if you’ve listened to the podcast, you’ll know that those are three topics that I talk about. A lot, right? That’s kind of the pillars behind my brand as a person, as a podcast, as a coach. And so we’re really focusing on the sustainable growth and ways to help support you as you work towards those bigger, long-term visions that you have for your life [00:09:00] and your business.

And if you’ve never worked with a coach before, If you’ve been wanting to work with someone, but you’re just not sure the best way to get started, just know that this group coaching program is created for you. I created this because this is what I was looking for when I first wanted to work with a coach.

I wasn’t ready to invest thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars every single month to work with a coach one-on-one because I. Just wasn’t sure that I was really at that level to be able to handle that, but I also wanted something more than just a course, like I wanted something that was going to be a little bit more involved and really give me long-term support as I went through my seasons as a business owner, right?

Some months might be filled with growth, some months might be filled with transitions. Or slow seasons or whatever it might be. So I really was passionate about creating a place that would support you in all of those different seasons. And when you join Amplify, you actually get immediate lifetime access into our ongoing group coaching program.[00:10:00] 

I. There’s biweekly coaching calls for me. You get access into our communities so you can connect and grow alongside other like-minded business owners. You’ll get access to future workshops and things for me, but it really is time for us to connect and me to get to know your business on a deeper level, but in a group space where you can also connect and grow with others.

It’s also a one time payment with lifetime access, and so if this is something that you’ve been interested in, you’ve been thinking about working with a coach, but you’re just not sure if you’re ready for the. Full one-on-one effect. I would love for you to check everything out. You can visit my website, hey Krista marie.com/amplify and learn all about it.

I would love to have you inside. If you have any questions, you can send me a message on Instagram at Hey Krista Marie, or you can send me an email, Krista, Hey Krista marie.com. Whatever works for you, but I would love to have a conversation to see if this would be a good fit to help you grow. Okay, now diving back into how can we prioritize ourself?

[00:11:00] While also growing a thriving business and how prioritizing ourself and investing in ourselves will actually help us grow faster. So let’s dive into that. What do I mean? So first things first. I have learned over my course of being a business owner that practicing more self-love and more self-acceptance.

When you’re feeling that lack of motivation is actually one of the. Best things that you can do for yourself as a creative and as a business owner. Because a lot of the times when we feel this lack of motivation, we start to say these things about ourselves, right? Like, oh, I’m. Not doing what I should be doing, or I’m not good at this, or I am, you know, I’ve lost my spark.

Who would wanna work with me? I’m not even doing X, Y, Z, I’m behind on this. Right? When we feel that lack of motivation, all of these negative thoughts start to creep in, and sometimes what we try to do [00:12:00] is just override those negative. Talk the negative talk, right? Like we just try and kind of steamroll right over them with, no, that’s not true.

I’m, I know what I’m doing and this is going really well, and I just need to keep showing up, or I just need to do this differently, or I just need to invest in this course, or this thing, or this, this other thing is gonna be the answer to why things haven’t been working or why I feel not motivated, but from experience I’ve learned that the steamrolling effect of trying to do that doesn’t often work very well.

And one of the reasons why it doesn’t work very well is because. You might believe it for a second, but once you, you know, purchase the course or once you keep going or once you try something else, if it doesn’t work, you’re right back to that negative talk again. Right? And this time it’s even stronger cuz it’s sitting there like, I told you, I told you that this wasn’t gonna work or that you’re not very good at this.

And so we find ourselves in this cycle when we try and just steamroll the negative [00:13:00] talk and just go right over it and kind of force it with some positivity. It doesn’t actually. Work well in the long run. And so sometimes what we actually need when we’re feeling that lack of motivation, if we’re telling, we’re noticing what we’re telling ourselves, these negative things about ourself, sometimes what we actually need is actually just a break and not a break.

That’s like, oh, I’m gonna, I’m gonna just take the day. I don’t feel creative today. This isn’t working. I’m just gonna give myself some space. I mean, some really like luxurious. Great space, like I’m talking, maybe that even means taking a week off from your business. And that was really hard for me to grasp because again, going back to that idea I have, I struggled for a long time with thinking I have to be present in my business.

I have to be showing up in my business. I have to be working in my business in order for it to grow. And while yes, there is a part of that, that’s true, there’s also a bigger part of this where. [00:14:00] If the work that you’re doing when you are working on your business is. Impactful work, right? Like if you’re doing things that are growing relationships that are planting seeds, if you are doing things that are kind of building over time, then you don’t necessarily have to be showing up full steam ahead every single day working in your business because when you are showing up in your business, you’re planting seeds and they’re growing and they’re sprouting, and so you actually can take time.

Away from your business, as counterintuitive as it might feel, because you know that the work you’re doing is planting seeds and it’s, and it’s growing on the backend even if you don’t see it happening. Right? It’s the same thing with a plant. You could watch a plant all day, every day. You’re not gonna feel like it’s making any progress, but if you take a break, you walk away for a day or two and you come back and you look, oh wow.

Like there’s a new bud there, or this is, this is growing. Right? It’s the same thing with our business sometimes when we spend so much time. Looking for growth. We [00:15:00] actually miss the ways that we’re growing. And so first things first, what I just want to offer to you is that if you’ve been feeling a lack of motivation, if you have been feeling like you need a break, give yourself a break.

But give yourself a good break, like a, a break that actually feels really good where you can go out and take time to do things that you enjoy. Not just taking the afternoon off or taking a couple hours off, right? Like make it feel really, really good. Because the other thing that can happen, and I know we’ve talked about this so many times on the podcast, I’ve mentioned that this is the biggest topic.

Anytime I guest host on another person’s podcast, the number one thing that I end up talking about is burnout. And this is the best way to lead us to burnout. If you are feeling unmotivated, if there’s something that feels off, it feels off for a reason, and it could mean that you’re maybe. Doing the wrong work.

Sometimes if we feel not motivated and we’re worried, oh, I’ve lost my spark. Do I even wanna do this anymore? Do I enjoy this? Right? Sometimes we just [00:16:00] feel those feelings because we’re burnt out and we need a break. Sometimes we feel those feelings because it actually is time to shift things up or move things around, or create a new offer or try something else, right?

Like sometimes there is reason to actually try things. New or try things differently, but sometimes we also just need a break. And so to avoid that feeling of burnout, I just, it’s so incredibly important for us to give ourselves that space. I have quite a few topics or episodes where we’ve talked about burnout, so I’m not gonna go too much more into the weeds there, but just knowing that that self-love and that self-acceptance is really going to make a big difference when you can truly look at yourself where you are and say, you know what?

I may not be where I think I should be, or I may feel like I could be further along, but I am so grateful for where I am now because I know that in six months, a year from now, I’m gonna look back and be so proud that I stuck with it long enough to keep going. And the only way we’re gonna have energy to keep going is if we’re practicing that [00:17:00] self-love and nurturing ourselves along the journey.

So first thing’s first. Sometimes we actually need that break, and I did this recently. I can give you a story. So a couple weeks ago now, our washing machine had a leak, which is not really important to the story, but it is because I came home from lunch with another business owner, friend. It was so great.

We had a wonderful conversation and I came home to a leak from our washing machine, which normally be a big deal except for all of our entire master. Closet. Everything was soaked. Everything that was on the floor was wet and so unexpectedly, you know, and you can’t just let that sit. That’s not something you can just ignore.

So all of a sudden now after this lunch that felt so good, I was now, you know, picking up sopping wet clothes off the floor. And what, what that made me realize actually is I had felt a little bit of burnout, or I had felt this lack of motivation already for about a week, and I wasn’t really sure where it was coming from.

I didn’t, you know, I, I didn’t really know how to quote unquote fix it, so I was letting myself take breaks. I’ll be honest. Like I’ve been playing maybe a little bit more [00:18:00] video games, like I’m not a big video gamer, but there are certain games that I love playing though. You know, I was taking breaks, I was watching Netflix.

I was giving myself the space I needed without the guilt. Again, I wasn’t coming from a place of, oh, I’ll just take the afternoon off. Some days I didn’t work at all and I let myself, I let that be okay. Right? And I let myself, and I set myself up to do the things that maybe absolutely needed to get done, the emails that needed to be written, whatever.

But I gave myself space to just be and to live. And so after the leak happened, what I actually realized is that, well, there was a lot of realizations, which I won’t necessarily go into. That’s probably for another podcast episode. But I looked around and realized, you know what? Part of the reason why I think I felt a little bit stressed out or not motivated is there are a lot of areas in my life that feel cluttered.

My thoughts felt cluttered. I felt, again, if you listen to my last solo episode about eliminating overwhelm from content, I had been over complicating my content process, so my thoughts had been feeling really cluttered. I felt like I was spinning around in circles. The wheels were constantly turning and I wasn’t [00:19:00] getting anywhere.

But I also felt physically cluttered, like my office had things. All over it. My desk was cluttered and messy. I had things all over the floor, right? Like everything just felt cluttered. And it wasn’t until that moment where I was picking up wet clothes off the floor from our washing, our washing machine, leaking that it hit me.

Well, of course, I’m not gonna feel like I’m in a creative space when I’m mentally and physically don’t feel that creative energy. And it was this huge breakthrough, which is, is gonna sound so simple, but it was this big breakthrough where I realized the importance, it actually really does matter what our environment looks like, how we set it up for ourselves, again, both mentally, emotionally, and physically.

And what that made me realize in that moment, not actually, not in that moment. Cause in that moment I was just trying to clean up the clothes. And then that night I was so tired, I took a break from work again, noticed there was a pattern, pattern that was happening. But the next day after I’d given myself space and time to process, I was journaling and realized [00:20:00] that this was actually a huge aha moment for me.

And the lesson that I learned was that, The reason I’d felt so uninspired and not creative was because of all of the clutter, and I actually needed to completely reframe my quarterly goals. So at the time that I had this realization, it was like mid-March. And so I was kind of due to start thinking about my next quarterly goals pretty soon, and all of my goals up until that point, some of them were personal.

So if you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen I started retaking an American Sign Language course. So I’m learning that. So that was on my personal goals. Um, I had some other personal goals as far as like trips or things like that or my, you know, retreats, but, but really a lot of them were like business focused goals.

And what I realized is that I needed, I needed a shift to happen. I actually needed to invest in myself. And how often do we hear as business owners, invest in yourself, invest in yourself? I always translated that to invest [00:21:00] in my business. So whenever I heard invest in yourself, I immediately thought, oh, okay, great.

What courses should I buy? You know, how should I grow myself as a person as far as like spending money on something that will. Uh, eventually lead to my business being more successful. Right. And in this moment I realized, what if it has nothing to do with investing in my business? What if it has everything to do with investing in myself as a human?

And that really, the light bulb went off. I mean, I can’t even tell you how big of an aha moment that was for me. I. And what that meant. What did that actually look like? My goals that I wrote down for the next 30 days, for the next, well, really the next quarter, but I, I really just wanted to go at least 30 days with doing them, were actually just things that would make me feel better as a human and as a person.

One of the things I’d encourage you to do if you’ve been feeling that lately, If you’ve been feeling this lack of motivation, if you feel like you’re in this space [00:22:00] where you’re not where you wanna be and you’re not really sure what you need to do to get out of it, something that I have learned from one of my coaches, Tara, and again, this is in her book Playing Big, which I’ll link to below, but she talks about this idea of your inner mentor.

And I’ve been really leaning into my inner mentor lately because my inner mentor is who I want to be, right? It’s that person that you see 10, 15, 20 years from now. This person who, for most of us, when we do this visualization, it’s this person who has this calming energy, this loving energy who is not stressed by the little things, who has a successful life and business, but does it with ease, right?

A lot of the time when I speak to other women who have done the interment work, That’s kind of a common theme. We all have this inner mentor who’s just very wise. She’s this wise older self, and so I’ve been leaning into her a lot lately and I realized, I am not where she is, understandably so. Right. And I, and I can’t expect to be where [00:23:00] she is, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t start bridging the gap from where I am to where she is, you know, 20 years from now.

And one of the big things for me was realizing she would not live in a home that’s cluttered. She wouldn’t live in an office that’s cluttered with a desk with things all over it, or a closet with things all over the floor. Like she. She wouldn’t live in that space because that’s not where creativity lies.

Right. Creativity and playing big and coming from a place where you feel so full does not live in clutter. And I just wanna caveat this really quick. For any of the moms that are listening, if you’re a mom to a toddler or a little one, I don’t want you to think that you, I’m telling you that you should clean up every single.

Mess or clutter or every dish or toy that’s on the floor right now. The, the thing I wanna differentiate is that this is like my workspace, right? So not necessarily my home. Like not necessarily if, again, especially if [00:24:00] you have kids, if you have little ones, like there are just, you know, it’s learning to accept that there will be things that are maybe not picked up or clean or spotless all the time.

Right. And that is totally okay. But what about your space, your workspace, your bedside table, your closet, right? What are those places that are for you? And making sure that those are maintained and at a place that feel really good and creative and fulfilling for you, because that’s what I want for you.

And that’s the place where you can really come from that place of creativity and you, you get into it and it’s so much easier to get work done when you feel like you’re in a space that was purposefully and intentionally created. And I hadn’t been living in that. And that was a, that was a big aha moment for me because changing something for myself personally.

Was going to make probably the big, the biggest difference on my business goals. It didn’t matter what my other business goals were. If I don’t have an environment mentally and physically set up to actually [00:25:00] create success for myself, it didn’t really matter what my goals were. And so I feel like I’ve talked about that a lot, but like I just, that was the biggest aha moment for me was number one, like decluttering, living in a space mentally, emotionally, physically, that actually felt.

Not overwhelmed and not cluttered, and not all over the place are messy. And so that was kind of aha moment number one for me. An aha moment. Number two was, again, I talked about this in my last solo episode, but I feel like the book, the books that I need kind of present themselves to me in the moments when I need them, which is amazing.

So I actually just finished reading at the time that I’m recording this. It’s called The Genius Zone by Gay Hendrix, and it’s a pretty short book. I, I was reading it during my Miracle Mornings, which I’ll talk about in a second. I was reading them, so maybe for like 20 minutes a day, and I think I finished it in less than two weeks, so maybe even quicker than that.

May, maybe in a week. It’s, it’s not a very long book, but it was really enjoyable to read. And one of the things that he stresses in the [00:26:00] book is really differentiating the things in life that you have no control over and really accepting that we don’t have control over these things. Right. And so this was a big aha moment for me because it, it’s not like I’ve never had this aha moment before.

Of course, I know that there are going to be things that were outside of my control, but when it came to my. Creativity, right, and my priorities and my goal setting and all of that. I started to realize that I was sometimes still falling into the trap of when I would create goals. Some of the goals were based around or relying on things that were out of my control.

I. Right. So like the success that a, a new program that you’re launching, right? The success that that has when you launch it, or the success that, you know, if you’re releasing mini sessions, you know, wanting to get all of them booked up, right? Like these kinds of goals that you have for your business, they’re not wrong, but the only problem with them is that you’re relying on [00:27:00] something that is outside of your control.

And so when it came to my goals and my goal setting, not only was I shifting way to more personal goals, but I was making sure that my goals were things that I actually had control over because those are the things that I can actually celebrate. I can actually see myself taking action and building momentum and making change around, and I can celebrate myself for doing that rather than relying on external factors that I have no control over, and then having that tell me whether or not I can celebrate something as a win.

Right. And so that was a big aha moment for me cuz it all kind of clicked into one download. Is that not only is it important for me to not, you know, understand that there’s things I don’t have control over, but get really clear on am I celebrating my own actions or what am I really looking at and what am I focusing on on a day-to-day basis?

So I would love as kind of a takeaway from this, I would love for you to, over the course of maybe the [00:28:00] next week, right? It doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to dive into 30 days, I would suggest just in this one week, what’s one personal goal or personal value or something that you can do for yourself as a person, as a human, that can really help to.

Get you feeling more fulfilled. Right? And so you might have, maybe you could relate to the decluttering story. Maybe you feel like your space just physically has not felt creative, or maybe you felt overwhelmed when you go to sit down to work. Maybe it’s waking up early and establishing a morning routine.

I just recently restarted doing The Miracle Morning, and if you haven’t read the book, it’s by Hal Elrod and it, it’s incredible. I’m. I, I’m gonna do another solo podcast episode around kind of all of these downloads and things that have been happening, the content process, the content creation plan, this decluttering my inner mentor, like business ideas.

All of this has happened over the course of the last 10 [00:29:00] days, and it’s about the same time that I started, started to implement My Miracle Morning. So I’m not saying it’s magic, but I’m saying that it works and it can be really, really incredible. So maybe for you that’s spending time in the morning, even just if you have 20, 30 minutes, whatever it is that you can do to wake up more intentionally and start your day more intentionally, that might be something that you wanna work on.

Maybe it’s also just going to bed earlier and having a proper nighttime routine and putting away your phone and not looking at your phone before bed. Or maybe it is just like spruiking up your office, right? Creating a more visually pleasing environment around you, whether it’s your desk, your office space, your, your bedroom, you know, wherever it is that you find that you’re, you spend.

A lot of your time, and I’d love you to just take one personal thing and figure out what can I focus on over this next week to really amplify and make better this part of my life? Because again, the, the biggest takeaway of what I found over the last few weeks is that the business goals are [00:30:00] important.

They’re important, right? But when I only focus on the business goals, the anxiety sometimes gets heightened. The fears and the doubts get, get heightened. The, the sense of security. Lessons because we have no guarantee on how things are gonna go. And the most fulfilling way to grow a business is when you feel fulfilled and supported and held as a person.

And that’s one of the best things that you can do for yourself to create a sustainable business. But I mean, selfishly, when you focus on those things for yourself, your business is also going to thrive because you are thriving as a person. So I would love for you to take, let me know on Instagram, send me a message and be like, Krista, this week I really commit to doing this one thing for myself, and share with me what it is and let me celebrate that with you.

Because honestly, it’s so important when we take this time for ourself to really invest in ourselves, not in our business, not in courses, not in, you know, all of those things [00:31:00] are great, but if you can come back to basics, if you can come back to yourself and fulfill what you need. You will be able to show up so much more and you’ll feel so much more energized and so much more excited and so much more authentic, and the creativity will start to naturally flow.

But we can’t force that. We can’t force that by, you know, like pushing past, not taking care of ourselves. We have to take care of ourselves first. So all of that, I hope that this was helpful. I hope this was inspirational in some way. Again, I would love for you to share a takeaway with me on Instagram.

Let me celebrate you and share. Just this win with you of even just having this breakthrough. And if you’re looking to dive more one-on-one or if you want to join, amplify again, I would love to have you reach out. Send me any questions you have, check out the website. Hey kristen marie.com/amplify. You can learn more there, but I would love to be here to support you in whatever way in capacity that I can.

So thank you so much for being here, and I will see you [00:32:00] over in the next episode.

One last thing before you go. I’d absolutely love it if you left a review on Apple Podcasts or if you’ve already left a review. I’d love for you to share this episode with your business bestie. I love getting to shout out my listeners on the show, and the more listeners that we have, the more that I can help others create a thriving and sustainable business too.

Thank you so much again for being a part of this community, and I can’t wait to hear your takeaways from today’s episode.


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