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OVERVIEW OF THE TYPE NINE:The Peacemaker Enneagram Type Nines are sometimes seen as the lowest energy of all types, typically due in part to their tendency to zone out & disengage from others in times of stress (also known as a Nine entering “sloth mode”). Nines often “fall asleep” to themselves and can be out […]

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OVERVIEW OF THE TYPE SEVEN:The Enthusiast Enneagram Type Sevens are the most energetic, spontaneous, free-spirited kinds of people. They have bold imaginations and a strong thirst for adventure. However, this strong thirst for life can often lead to them overfilling their schedule (FOMO is real for Type Sevens). This overfilling of their schedule can lead […]

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OVERVIEW OF THE TYPE FOUR:The Individualist People with this Enneagram type have a strong drive to be seen as unique, authentic and significant. Enneagram Fours are the most introspective type and have a special ability to find deep meaning and beauty in the world around them. Fours are the only Enneagram type that are comfortable […]

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